• Terri J
    Terri J Annapolis, MD
    Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing some of your ideas with us all. Now, I won't have a yard sale afterall - I just got great ideas for some items!!!
  • The Micro Gardener - Anne
    Fantastic Terri J! Glad to hear you've been inspired.
  • Dennie S
    Dennie S Alexander City, AL
  • Evelyn R
    Evelyn R Manchester, MD
    And I just cleaned out my closet and got rid of some shoes .... I'm going to call my girlfriend who has a gazillion shoes and tell her to send me some - LOL, my husband will groan!
  • Maria  D. M
    Maria D. M Alamo, TX
    like all u're gardening ideas, great job! I especially like the sink idea.
  • Kelly S
    Kelly S Bremerton, WA
    Love the sink and the gumboots are totally adorable. Put one of the shoe bags up there too along with some beach find flip flops. Think I'll have to do some thrift store shopping this weekend.
  • Karen Arey
    Karen Arey Deland, FL
    Will try the idea of using pallets in the garden. It should keep the weeds down and the veggies should stay cleaner, as the dirt shouldn't splash up as much when it rains hard.
  • Charlotte MacDiarmid
    Charlotte MacDiarmid Manassas, VA
    The colorful boots are so cute and such a clever idea !
  • Lgsmith
    Lgsmith Summerdale, AL
    Love your posts
  • Karen
    Karen Warren, MI
    Well, now I wished my husband had not talked me out of keeping a darling pink toilet and sink. We remodeled and I wanted to plant something in one. He said "no" and threw them out. Before the trash men came, and within the first half hour on the curb,
  • Phyllis M
    Phyllis M Carrollton, MS
    I did my toilet. I painted it red. You can see it on my facebook page under Phyllis Minga. For some reason this site is not letting me post a picture. :(
  • Miriam I
    Miriam I New York, NY
    Phyllis M that's odd. What error are you getting when you try?
  • Drought Smart Plants
    I've found a few great posts on there; like this one; http://themicrogardener.com/diy-upcycled-bro... - thanks, Miriam!
  • Miriam I
    Miriam I New York, NY
    Drought Smart Plants - love that site! She's so good. :)
  • The Micro Gardener - Anne
    Miriam I Drought Smart Plants - thanks both of you girls for your feedback. So appreciated. Love this site too - found so many good ideas. :)
Miriam I