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How do I keep centipedes out of my house?

I was bitten by one years ago and it was very painful.  They seem to appear in the tub and I don't like taking showers with them.
  • q how do i keep centipedes out of my house, pest control
  • Deborah M Sheedlo
    Deborah M Sheedlo Escanaba, MI

    what kind of puppy?

    • Almond Joy
      Almond Joy Troy, MI

      I wanna know also!! Did you ever find out what kind of puppy it was?

  • Capernius
    Capernius Laporte, IN

    I did some research & this is what I learned.
    Please keep in mind that all of this information was copied from:
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  • Joan Scharf

    I learned that centipedes are carnivores and eat the small bugs in your house. So they say to make sure you get rid of ants and small spiders, then when the centipedes have nothing to eat, they leave. I also got sticky traps at Lowes made for small

  • Faezeh
    Faezeh Schenectady, NY

    So nice . . .

  • Faezeh
    Faezeh Schenectady, NY

    So nice . . .