How do you get rid of mold around windows?

remoovers 08.28.15
I have mold growing around my windows and have tried bleach sprays but it doesn't get rid of it completely. Any ideas/suggestions? I prefer a nonchemical path but will do anything.
  • HandyANDY - Handyman & All Repairs, LLC
    All the windows...or just some....on the interior or exterior? Bleach doesn't kill mold...just knocks it down some. You may have the mold trapped under the caulk around the windows....which is why we hand wash exteriors before we paint. If it is under
  • Woodbridge Environmental
    The mold that collects along the edges of your windows has stained the wood or surface edges. Using any glass cleaner will remove the surface build up, but not the root structure that has penetrated the surface of the window. Bleach will help take the
  • Barbara M
    Barbara M Leander, TX
    I use a bleach and water solution with a few drops of dishwashing liquid, the follow it with a vinegar spray.
  • Mary D
    Mary D Springfield, OR
    Try using a vinegar water solution. Vinegar is a very useful thing.
  • Jeanette S
    Jeanette S Atlanta, GA
    White vinegar gets rid of mold. But you have to keep in mind that mold stains and even when it is gone, the black stain will remain. Remove mold by washing down a couple of times. If stained, you may have to repaint.. As your paint store if there are