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Tic Tac Toe Garden Table

Inspired by a similar idea in pinterest, I found a round wooden table top at the local home improvement store-perfect! My son-in-law burned a tic-tac-toe grid onto the table top. I stained it and nailed it to a tree stump. I purchased some stones and asked my granddaughter to paint them as ladybugs and bees. Didn't they come out great? I found a little wire basket at the dollar store to keep them in. I bought a set of natural cedar curved benches, stained and assembled them. Now when my grandchildren visit, they will have a fun activity to do in the garden.
  • Wendy turley
    Wendy turley Hutchinson, KS

    Super cute!!

  • Brenda L Bennett
    Brenda L Bennett Ithaca, NY

    I love this idea.

  • Melinda
    Melinda Raleigh, NC

    Hope I don't come off slow here, but, suggestions about finding a stump? No idea where to begin looking . . .

    • Marilee Moyer Bryant
      Marilee Moyer Bryant Los Alamitos, CA

      I went on the Next Door website for my neighborhood and asked if anyone had recently removed a tree and had a section of trunk I could have. I got four replies in short time! All said I could just come by and take what I wanted, which I did and

  • JIll D
    JIll D United Kingdom

    L O V E IT.....XX

  • Corinne Zenkel-Frey

    For my son, I think we are going to switch out the bugs and bees for spinderwebs (Spiderman) and eyes (Minions).

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