Pallet garden loungers

DIY 2 days ago
Garden furniture can be very expensive and here's a simple idea on how to make free or almost free garden loungers using simple pallets.

I used 5 pallets and some wood scraps to make these two and that part was free. If you want to paint or add cushions (recommended!) that will be extra but all in all this cost me $10 for the red paint and that's it!

The basic idea of how to make these is to take two pallets of the same rectangular shape and stack them on top of each other, do the same with the second lounge chair. Then take the last pallet, divide it in half and add some wood scraps to construct two backrests that you attach to the stacked pallets with two screws. Minimal sanding and some paint and you're done.

I must warn you that the idea is simple but deconstructing the 5th pallet is pretty hard physical work but can be made easier if you have the proper tools and/or a muscular guy to help :)

Check out my blog for more photos and detailed instructions on how I went about it:

  • Nest Home Improvement
    There seems to be a lot on the Internet about re-purposing of pallets for use around the house. While I like the upcylcling/recycling spirit, I am concerned about the potential hazards.
  • Jan O
    Jan O Clancy, MT
    awesome!! I love repurposing FREE pallets
  • Laurie @ Vin'yet Etc.
    This is brilliant! LOVE it!
  • Judy Hartzell
    Judy Hartzell Oil City, PA
    wonderful idea. My son works at the newspaper, guess he is going to have to make me one of these. I would like to have it in place of my love seat in my living room, nice to pull it out when the grandkids come!
  • Betty
    Betty Portland, TN
    cool ideal
  • Karen Pothier
    Karen Pothier Demorest, GA
    Yes yes yes!!!! As soon as I find a source for wood pallets I will be making these and a few other things I've seen floating around cyberland. :) I think I would probably add some outdoor cushions - I've been seeing some in thrift stores lately.
  • Eddie B.
    Eddie B. Leigh, NE
    I know a good source for pallets that are pretty much safe from chemicals and such. I get mine from my local Lawnmower sales shop. The riding mowers come mostly assembled and they are shipped on nice long pallets that would be perfect for making these.
  • Carole S
    Carole S Staten Island, NY
    Do you think Bamboo would work cutting in the right size. I had hundreds of bamboo in my backyard, some as high as 20' and as long as they are cut to the right dimensions, could this be a possibility. I would like to give it a try. Thanks, looks like a
  • Justfixit
    Justfixit Greer, SC
    This is soooo cool. Thanks for sharing!
  • Janice jenkins
    Janice jenkins Bonne Terre, MO
    GREAT idea
  • Yvonne McKinley
    Yvonne McKinley West Fork, AR
    Yes, wheels are a good idea ... they look heavy.
  • Ester Age
    Ester Age San Antonio, TX
    Love those pallet! Thanks for the tips!!!
  • Renee
    Renee Jacksonville, FL
    Looks like I'm sending the hubs out on a pallet run!
  • Nest Home Improvement
    Thanks for forwarding that link. In the spirit of greater transparency, it would be great to know who is behind that website. I am OK if it is a company that makes plastic pallets, but it would be great to know, if that is the case.
  • Brandy Samuels
    Brandy Samuels Russell Springs, KY
    this is a great idea