Staining your concrete patio to look like tile.

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I was so pleased with the DIY project on our back patio! I stained the concrete to look like tile. We used painter's tape to create the look of grout lines, and we used a concrete stain from Lowe's to stain the concrete. For a step by step tutorial, just click on the link below.

  • Laura, Pet Scribbles
    Laura, Pet Scribbles Little Egg Harbor, NJ
    This is so beautiful! And what a great space to relax in, too! It was awesome meeting you at SNAP last week, enjoyed chatting at dinner on Weds night!
  • Anthea Wood Close
    Anthea Wood Close Bradenton, FL
    I love this and have been wondering what to do with the concrete square outside my side door thanks for the info, I shall try it.
  • Rebecca D
    Rebecca D Dearborn, MI
    Love it!
  • Connie Barber
    Connie Barber Sallis, MS
    we are waiting for our new patio to cure for 28 days. we are doing ours also. thanks for the tutorial. very good. love the tape. we were actually going to score ours. not now. thanks to you.
  • John
    John Alva, FL
    Just finished our patio after seeing yours.

    • Pris Destiny
      Pris Destiny Malaysia
      John wow...lovely...i will do our similar to yours John. love it...:)
    • Kelly F
      Kelly F Lehigh Acres, FL
      John I absolutely love the color you used! I have a huge back yard that has the potential to be beautiful. Love the idea of auto paint too! My yard is just a blank canvas currently. Thank you for the picture
  • Pencie
    Pencie Dickinson, TX
    Brilliant! I also have been wanting to tile the patio, but oh - the expense. You not only gave me a wonderful way to improve our patio, but saved us hundreds!!! Thank you so much!
  • Tina Schuman
    Tina Schuman Ellabell, GA
    I just LOVE look so professional....excellent job
  • Stacey Stavrianoudakis
    Is there a lot of maintenance? What about water stains? Does it wear well in the sun?
  • Krys_George
    Krys_George Canada
    Is this slippery when wet??
    • J
      J Louisville, KY
      Krys_George Has anyone responded to your question? This (slippery when wet) is the only thing that would keep me from doing this to our patio.
  • Ronda Bolden
    Ronda Bolden Olathe, KS
    Beautiful... i will use this idea!!! Thanks!!!
  • Natalie McPherson
    Natalie McPherson Eddyville, KY
    Thank you for your easy instructions! I have a large concrete slab in the backyard where an old detached kitchen/storage building once stood. It's ugly! In a few weeks, it will be my awesome new patio!
  • Kara Spurlock
    Kara Spurlock Huntington, WV
    Love it!
  • Sherrie
    Sherrie Nixa, MO
    This turned out prefect! I want to do my porch...I might borrow your idea!
  • Rose Henderson
    Rose Henderson Provo, UT
    This looks fantastic! I'd love to do something similar at my place. I don't have much experience with staining concrete though. Do you have any advice?
  • KrysFL
    KrysFL Lakeland, FL
    How is the stain holding up?
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