What Can You Do With a Smashed Rusty Tin Can?

Gardening 05.13.16
Don't throw it away! Make it into a rustic planter and fill it with succulent cuttings. I found this rusty treasure while hiking in the woods. I love all things rusty so there was no way I was going to leave it lying there. I knew I would find a purpose for it- and I did. The opening was very small so I filled it with a bit of soil and planted the tiny succulents and filled in with moss. I love unusual planters for my plants.

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  • Sandi Key
    Sandi Key Oakdale, CA
    I love rust! Thank you
  • Irene G
    Irene G Oakdale, CA
    Me too Sandi. I just moved to Oakdale 2 weeks ago. Liking it so far. Any good shops for rusty vintage treasures?
  • Renata
    Renata Hermiston, OR
    So how long u think it would take a new can to rust so I can make one? Lol
    • Mary Justin
      Mary Justin Simi Valley, CA
      I lots do rusty cans and miscellaneous things. Live in Southern California so if you're ever this way....
  • Angel
    Angel Hesperia, CA
    I love it! Succulents make everything beautiful!
  • Lulu
    lulu Santa Fe, NM
    My fingers are almost bleeding from looking at that rusty jagged lid. Bring out the tetanus shots...scary.
Irene G