HELP! How to get rid of skunk smell?!

Tomorrow we're having 20 people over for a party, and wouldn't you know a SKUNK sprayed the side of our home! So now our garage and the rest of our house smells like skunk. ;-( I know how to remove the scent from a dog, but how would I neutralize it in my home? And QUICKLY? Thanks so much!

  • April E
    April E Oklahoma City, OK

    this is where u can get tko

  • Carrie MakingLemonade
    Carrie MakingLemonade Blue Bell, PA
    Terri S., I did find this online. There's a skunk repellent that I might try. Though it's made from fox urine, ugh, not sure which smell is worse! Here's the article:
  • Carrie MakingLemonade
    Carrie MakingLemonade Blue Bell, PA
    April, THANK YOU, Orange Oil sounds WAY more appealing than the fox urine they're selling online! I appreciate this!
  • Terri S
    Terri S Lafayette, IN
    thanks for the ideas. We have a stockade fenced yard and we checked and cannot find how it's getting in, but we double checked and added a little more dirt around so maybe I won't need these ideas. Might help with the rabbits who eat my flowers too!
    • DORLIS
      DORLIS Silex, MO
      Terri S Maybe instead of dirt at the base of the fence, dig down about 6" or more and put down old shingles and cover with dirt. Make sure the shingles extend above the soil line.
  • Laidigl
    When our dog kept forgetting to stay away from skunks, I finally found a way to calm the odor down. Try scented shampoo mixed in some warm water.
Carrie MakingLemonade