• Doris
    Doris Greencastle, IN
    I will make one of these and if you are using real terra cotta or clay it will allow the water to evaporate naturally and then no wet spots for skeeters.
  • David Green
    David Green Maitland, FL
    What would happen if you hung the pots upside down? The rain would still go down the chain, possibly along the pots, but no puddles left for mosquitoes or algae. Just wondering how that would work.
  • Marge Senecal
    Marge Senecal Pittsfield, MA
    Great idea. Thank you, going to start mine now.
    Great idea and thanks for the instructions on how to build a rain chain. Now just need the pots -- what size did you use? Has it rained yet so you could see it in action?
  • Annette Olsen
    wonder if you could put little plants in those pots as well, especially if they like being wet and can hang over the edge
    • L. A. Dey
      L. A. Dey New Braunfels, TX
      @ Annette Olsen I would think that the rain water would end up washing out the soil in the little pots.
  • Beth Cole Byrne
    Beth Cole Byrne Pittsford, NY
    Perfect! I love it. I'm a big clay pot person.
  • O'Donna Ramsey
    O'Donna Ramsey Coeburn, VA
  • Mary C
    Mary C Reddick, FL
    i love the rain, and now just one more pleasure to bring in the peace.....ty for sharing.... :)
  • Wanda sinnema
    Wanda sinnema Seattle, WA
    how about spray painting the pots w/ copper paint,,, and use tiny ones about about 2 incjes wide..... just a thought..
  • Holly Clark
    Holly Clark Port Charlotte, FL
    neat! We get a month worth of every day rain. This will be something I plan on doing!
  • Velvet Jones-Krueger
    Velvet Jones-Krueger Doniphan, MO
    love this
  • Wendy newman
    Wendy newman United Kingdom
    Never heard of these before but they sound fabulous going to give it a try, thanks for the idea
  • Lisa Damoff
    Lisa Damoff Mobile, AL
    What is the purpose???
  • Cathy W
    Cathy W Portland, OR
    Lisa and Wendy, Rain runoff from the roof! This is a delightful solution for a downspout! Useful and artisticly appealing! AND Low Cost!
  • Misty Boren
    Misty Boren Elverta, CA
    I have seen them made from anything you can think of and they are marvelous! lots of people use rain barrels at the bottom to recycle water. great for us! drought! shmought!-started in the East, Asian, I believe, and I want to add bells for sparkle and
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