• Wendy newman
    Wendy newman United Kingdom
    Never heard of these before but they sound fabulous going to give it a try, thanks for the idea
  • Lisa Damoff
    Lisa Damoff Mobile, AL
    What is the purpose???
    • Jill Ron Pike
      Jill Ron Pike Payneville, KY
      Lisa Damoff It's a decorative downspout replacement option if you don't like the way your downspouts look. Rain chains can water a potted plant set on the ground below them, or act
  • Cathy W
    Cathy W Portland, OR
    Lisa and Wendy, Rain runoff from the roof! This is a delightful solution for a downspout! Useful and artisticly appealing! AND Low Cost!
  • Mb
    Mb Elverta, CA
    I have seen them made from anything you can think of and they are marvelous! lots of people use rain barrels at the bottom to recycle water. great for us! drought! shmought!-started in the East, Asian, I believe, and I want to add bells for sparkle and
  • Joy Smith
    Joy Smith Inglewood, CA
    I love the idea and especially adding rain barrels at the bottom to collect the water!
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