DIY Rain Chain

For the Garden 7 days ago
I love rain chains, and although they're traditionally made of copper, I made one from my favorite thing, terra cotta :) and it turned out ever-so-lovely! I found a home for it on the back deck where we can see it from the screen porch and from inside the house. Not only does it add a beautiful element on sunny days but it is a tranquil water feature when it rains. Detailed instructions on the blog~ xo
  • A rain chains can be functional if used in place of downspout but mine is more of a lovely little water feature~
  • They're easy to make with one stop to your home improvement store, just pick up some chain, terra cotta pots, a saucer and river rocks and you're on your way!
  • To add little pots to the chain simply divide the large chain into equal parts and then reattach the chain with a smaller link going through the holes in the flower pot ~ (detailed instructions in the blog post listed above)
  • Add river rocks to the saucer to make a beautiful basin ...
  • It really is the most serene process to watch.
  • I attached mine so we can see it from inside the house and from the screen porch. While it adds visual interest when the weather is dry, it really shows off during a shower !

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  • Velvet Jones-Krueger
    Velvet Jones-Krueger Doniphan, MO
    love this
  • Wendy newman
    Wendy newman United Kingdom
    Never heard of these before but they sound fabulous going to give it a try, thanks for the idea
  • Lisa Damoff
    Lisa Damoff Mobile, AL
    What is the purpose???
  • Cathy W
    Cathy W Portland, OR
    Lisa and Wendy, Rain runoff from the roof! This is a delightful solution for a downspout! Useful and artisticly appealing! AND Low Cost!
  • Misty Boren
    Misty Boren Elverta, CA
    I have seen them made from anything you can think of and they are marvelous! lots of people use rain barrels at the bottom to recycle water. great for us! drought! shmought!-started in the East, Asian, I believe, and I want to add bells for sparkle and
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