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Help with my lawn!

So I work and work on my lawn all spring pop out every dandelion week by hand. Fertilize with an all natural pet and people safe fertilizer. Cut my grass about every ten days and my lawn is covered with clovers and clover flowers?  My flower beds are gorgeous and my grass looks like crap...what am I doing wrong?
  • Jill
    Jill Riverside, CA

    David, You might want to try a few things this in late fall so in the spring you can have that beautiful lawn. First, use a thatch rake and remove any dead and dying plant material, especially the clover. Second aerate your ground, this can be done

  • Mary Thorne
    Mary Thorne Portage, IN

    I've heard that clover is usually due to a nitrogen starved lawn. I have clover too. I don't mind it because it does feed the bees. We'll all starve without them.

  • Elaine Young
    Elaine Young Fresh Meadows, NY

    Clover in your lawn is a really good good thing. I actually threw some clover seeds on my lawn years ago, so some would grow in the lawn. It is a natural way to supply nitrogen to the lawn. Plus, you don't want to just have grasses growing in your

  • Kolleen
    Kolleen Elk Grove, CA

    Nothing! Clover is a nitrogen fixer meaning it pulls nitrogen right out of the air to fertilizer your lawn! Scott brand fertilizer created the myth of clover being a weed after its synthetic fertilizers (new at the time) started killing clover in

  • Kat Davis-Moran
    Kat Davis-Moran Naples, FL

    beautiful job,