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  • Shirley Jones
    Shirley Jones Ordway, CO

    Be careful with even the home-made insecticides. We have already have a problem with loss of Honey Bees which are very beneficial to your plants. May I suggest you use a hand spray bottle and just spray the plants that are not of great attraction to

  • GreenHillTea
    GreenHillTea Brooklyn, NY

    Superb Post Very True and Informative @GreenHillTea

  • Rita Smith
    Rita Smith Quinlan, TX

    I need something that will work on roaches! I helped someone and they brought roaches to my house . Trying to get rid of them!

  • Verona Tang

    I think hand pick is the only way....

  • Lucille Blanchard
    Lucille Blanchard Crystal River, FL

    anything to get rid of squirrles

    • Carol Jones

      Put cayenne pepper in with your bird seed. Birds don't have saliva,
      but squirrles do.

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