Garlic Pepper Tea: A Natural Pesticide

yard 03.29.16
As a gardener, I occasionally have run-ins with insects, especially aphids. When this happens, I have a safe and natural way to dispatch these devils. Garlic Pepper Tea. Every summer I put together a batch of Garlic Pepper Tea and in no time at all insect infestations are gone.

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  • Jane Beckstead
    Jane Beckstead Port Orchard, WA
    Too true...I used my potion mostly on roses.
  • Linda
    Linda Sarasota, FL
    I know this is off the subject but, I have a mole tearing up my back yard leaving holes everywhere. Any suggestions on how to get rid of this little creep for good?
    • Emma
      Emma Palo Alto, CA
      Linda Do you have a dog or cat? My cousin told me this works and it does: carefully remove the soil pile, locate the hole+tunnel and... place pet feces down the hole/tunnel and
  • Shirley Jones
    Shirley Jones Ordway, CO
    Be careful with even the home-made insecticides. We have already have a problem with loss of Honey Bees which are very beneficial to your plants. May I suggest you use a hand spray bottle and just spray the plants that are not of great attraction to both
  • GreenHillTea
    GreenHillTea Brooklyn, NY
    Superb Post Very True and Informative @GreenHillTea
  • Rita Smith
    Rita Smith Quinlan, TX
    I need something that will work on roaches! I helped someone and they brought roaches to my house . Trying to get rid of them!
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