Garlic Pepper Tea: A Natural Pesticide

yard 03.29.16
As a gardener, I occasionally have run-ins with insects, especially aphids. When this happens, I have a safe and natural way to dispatch these devils. Garlic Pepper Tea. Every summer I put together a batch of Garlic Pepper Tea and in no time at all insect infestations are gone.

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  • Marei
    Marei Weirsdale, FL
    Great information! I pinned it to two of my Pinterest boards....thank you very much :-)
  • Maria Ryan
    Maria Ryan Orlando, FL
    Been using garlic for awhile now and it works. Will try with the Jalapeños. I have to watch what I put down because I have dogs. Thank you for sharing.
  • Roberta Eagleston
    Roberta Eagleston Greenfield, IN
    Dorothy, the garlic, pepper and water is the " tea".
  • Cindi
    Cindi Theodore, AL
    Well, Ginny, something was eating my tomatoes!
  • Cleaning Angels Services
    Thanks for this post... i have been searching natural remedies for bug infested plants in my garden. I hope this will workout well.
  • Ginny
    Ginny Delta, CO
    I know garlic oil spray is harmful to all the beneficialinsects like ladybugs, lacewings, etc. but it sure does the trick on the aphids. We had to spray daily in the greenhouse for about 2 weeks to really cure the infestation. Too much nitrogen being
  • Jacqueline Sayles-Boyer
    Jacqueline Sayles-Boyer Kansas City, MO
    This I will try for sure.
  • Teresa Myers
    Teresa Myers Galax, VA
    what about moles, voles or the dredded worm that draws them?
  • Franceen o'toole
    Franceen o'toole Wilmington, NC
    I would make this if something wasn't eating my peppers. LOL gonna try this.
  • Marty G
    Marty G Belton, TX
    Will this hurt the family pets like dogs or cats?
  • Mary Murray
    Mary Murray Sacramento, CA
    I use Dawn dishwashing detergent.. and spry my roses it works too..
  • Kitty valk
    Kitty valk Netherlands
    do you have any pets in de garden when you spray this stuff, I'm just wondering what it will do to there paws if they walk or run thru some of the drops of this stuff, or even when it comes on there fur and they decide to lick it off
  • Connie
    Connie East Aurora, NY
    Can this be used on fruit trees apples cherries pears?
  • Dorothy F
    Dorothy F Little Egg Harbor, NJ
    how much tea?
  • Lin T
    Lin T Bradford, PA
    I love the natural ways to get rid of insects and weeds. Does this get rid of ticks? Seems I am infested with them.
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