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  • Barbara Plainfield, NJ
    Norma Jean Henson..throw some moth balls in the attic the squirrels don't like the smell but you might hear them sninzzing..lol
  • Jane Beckstead Port Orchard, WA
    When I was younger I would mix the juice from a jar of Torridos hot peppers, a teaspoon of chewing tobacco and a head of garlic in the blender to kill aphids on my flowers. You could actually see them stiffen and fall off the plant as you sprayed.
  • Jane Beckstead Port Orchard, WA
    Norma Jean, it also works to soak cotton balls in oil of peppermint and put them where you see squirrel droppings.
  • April E Oklahoma City, OK
    you can also use the concentrate in a small spray bottle to inhibit chewing in pets spray where they chew and most critters quit
  • Cathie Canton, MI
    Thank you all for this great information. Flowers are being attacked by three goldenfinch, rolly-polly bugs eating the hostas, and a rabbit that keeps checking it out....add living in a condo where people let their dogs pee on or near the flower bed,
  • Marqhorn Mountain Home, ID
    Anyone have a 'cure' for squash bugs?
  • Suz Oklahoma City, OK
    ...thanks for posting...you have a new follower = )
  • Franceen o'toole Wilmington, NC
    Thanks for the info on how to get rid of aphids with the garlic pepper tea.
  • Maggie Voges Elgin, TX
  • April E Oklahoma City, OK
    no Maggie it doesn't grasshoppers are hard the best thing I have found for them are baits and the best bait imo is nolo bait as it is a biological directed only at the pesty grasshoppers
  • does this work for ticks?
  • Hannah T Portland, OR
    I have the sneaking suspicion that this tea is not good for beneficials. I'll keep looking for other solutions until then. Thanks.
  • Hannah T Portland, OR
    Also, Jane Beckstead - might want to keep tobacco products away from any tomatoes you have. They are the same plant family and fungal infections can spread from Tobacco to Tomatoes. That is if you have them in your garden. :)
  • Jane Beckstead Port Orchard, WA
    Too true...I used my potion mostly on roses.
  • Linda Sarasota, FL
    I know this is off the subject but, I have a mole tearing up my back yard leaving holes everywhere. Any suggestions on how to get rid of this little creep for good?