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Chicken Crate Coffee Table

Turn an old chicken crate into an outdoor patio coffee table: http://www.theironstonenest.com/2012/05/chicken-crate-coffee-table.html. Just a little something unexpected on your patio this summer!!
  • chicken crate coffee table, outdoor furniture, painted furniture, patio, repurposing upcycling

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  • Bethany P
    Bethany P Saint Petersburg, FL

    I got a chicken crate just like that for Christmas & immediately thought "table"!

  • Barb Fay
    Barb Fay Decorah, IA

    Laura, I had one on my patio and everyone loved it. Now I am making one into a coffee table, but a little 'fancier'. I have a lot of seashells and rocks I want to display- so I am putting an old wooden framed window shadow box on top! Can't wait!

  • Cat Cee
    Cat Cee Dayton, OH

    I would not have a used chicken crate in the house or around children, even if it's been cleaned. Especially if you have an autoimmune family member or visitor. Chicken poop is notorious for Histoplasmosis. Even if you aren't in an area that could be

  • OhSally
    OhSally Lacey, WA

    I bought a turkey crate (just a bit taller than chicken crates) and used it as a coffee table for YEARS. I loved having the display space inside the crate and changed out the decor frequently. It was a lot of fun and definitely a conversation

  • Carrie Hawk
    Carrie Hawk Tullahoma, TN

    I have wanted to do this for years, but never had a living room large enough. Now I can see it doesn't have to go in the living room. My front porch will be perfect.....Now to find one. Thank you for showing us this.

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