Transform An Old Paperback Book Into A Decorative Pumpkin

Halloween Crafts 10.15.15

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I love books and have new and old ones displayed throughout my house. I also have a collection of old paperbacks that are not very good reads and they also have no visual appeal for display. These I hang on to for craft projects!

I especially like this diy pumpkin project where I can practically use the entire book. It's super easy too! In just a few short steps I can go from a blah book that is taking up space to a fun decorative pumpkin for Fall decor.

  • The finished project with a birch stem, burlap leaves, bark covered wire and painted paper edges.
  • After tearing the cover of the book, I drew the shape of a half pumpkin on the first page and cut it out. Then, I began tracing the shape on the subsequent pages and continued cutting.
  • I continued until I was completely through the book. I then began gluing and shaping the pages into a full pumpkin.

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  • Cathy Smith
    Cathy Smith College Station, TX
    I love this idea! Great use for unwanted books!
  • Anjie Lucas
    Anjie Lucas Fort Mill, SC
    love this! I will be doing it for Thanksgiving:)
  • Lori Rothermund
    Lori Rothermund Aberdeen, NC
    I love these pumpkins and I have been holding onto some old books to make some with. Thanks so much for putting these up and sharing!
  • PJKP
    PJKP Saint Charles, MO
    When I was teaching we made andgels using Reader's Digest adding styrofome balls for the head and glued paper wings on the back below the head. Great project for kids.
  • Mary Sparling
    Mary Sparling Lynnwood, WA
    I went to a kids summer crafting class in the 1960's where one of the projects was making a Christmas Tree out of a old Sears Christmas catalouge (they were big & free then & every household received them).
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