Transform An Old Paperback Book Into A Decorative Pumpkin

DIY HOLIDAY 03.20.15
I love books and have new and old ones displayed throughout my house. I also have a collection of old paperbacks that are not very good reads and they also have no visual appeal for display. These I hang on to for craft projects!

I especially like this diy pumpkin project where I can practically use the entire book. It's super easy too! In just a few short steps I can go from a blah book that is taking up space to a fun decorative pumpkin for Fall decor.

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  • Chris Fuller
    Chris Fuller Lake Orion, MI
    Super cute and a wonderful idea!
  • Donna C
    Donna C North Charleston, SC
    Love this!! So creative!
  • Jason Destiny
    Jason Destiny El Cerrito, CA
    My mom taught me how to make a christmas tree out of an old Reader's Digest. lol This brings back memories.
  • Rustic Crafts & Chic Decor - Renee
    Jason Destiny I'm liking the idea of a Christmas tree! I'll have to try that one too!
  • Diana Susoy
    Diana Susoy Santa Cruz, CA
    Going to have to do this to decorate my school library.
  • Diana Susoy
    Diana Susoy Santa Cruz, CA
    Like the Christmas tree Idea also! Just got to find the old book that this librarian is willing to cut up. Thanks for the ideas.
  • Linda @ Mixed Kreations
    Very cute! I remember seeing the Christmas tree made from books too, when I was young.
  • Christine (iDreamofClean)
    Wow! That's amazing!
  • Cathy Smith
    Cathy Smith College Station, TX
    I love this idea! Great use for unwanted books!
  • Anjie Lucas
    Anjie Lucas Fort Mill, SC
    love this! I will be doing it for Thanksgiving:)
  • Lori Rothermund
    Lori Rothermund Aberdeen, NC
    I love these pumpkins and I have been holding onto some old books to make some with. Thanks so much for putting these up and sharing!
  • PJKP
    PJKP Saint Charles, MO
    When I was teaching we made andgels using Reader's Digest adding styrofome balls for the head and glued paper wings on the back below the head. Great project for kids.
  • Mary Sparling
    Mary Sparling Lynnwood, WA
    I went to a kids summer crafting class in the 1960's where one of the projects was making a Christmas Tree out of a old Sears Christmas catalouge (they were big & free then & every household received them).
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