• Marilyn Tolliver
    Marilyn Tolliver Lincoln, NE
    I would absolutely love to have any one of these pathways in my yard, so, I guess I'll get busy! LOL
  • Linda T
    Linda T Stewartstown, PA
    I love all three of the '3's and the first one with lavender.
  • Donna Lawless
    I love absolutely every one of them. so gorgeous.
  • Joyce A
    Joyce A Morrisville, NC
    All are absolutely beautiful!!
  • Kate S
    Kate S Stanardsville, VA
    There is a lot of inspiration in these pictures and yes, these probably cost a fortune, but in each one there is an element that you can take from it and work now with what you have on hand, what you find on craigslist or get from family members/friends,
  • Maria Pagan
    Maria Pagan Jacksonville, FL
    Love them all! Thanks for sharing.
  • Melody Drinkwater Wagner
    I love pathways!!!!!!! Drawing my plans right now.
  • Janet W
    Janet W Sumner, WA
    it really shouldn't cost a fortune to do some of these. Concrete recycling center by you? The people that make pavers only sell "perfect" ones. The rest go to the recycler to be crushed. We have gotten TRUCK loads of pavers for various projects. And of
  • Francois Ybarra
    Francois Ybarra Fresno, CA
  • Yvonne
    Yvonne Canada
    I just love the checker board
    • Marcia P
      Marcia P Derry, NH
      it's reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland
  • Jane Clarke
    Jane Clarke Canada
    The only one that I really don't care for is the blue one. It's to blue and plain. I prefer more plants. The rest of them are awesome! So many ideas. Now if I only had a bigger back yard and an 8 FT fence to keep the deer out. :)
  • Schatzie Moore
    Schatzie Moore Hawk Point, MO
    Kate S , your comment is so TRUE, there are many great ideas to get from the above Path Photos, I know I also will be checking with family/friends for more freebie things to get my paths done, or will that ever happen - Done?
  • Adolfo Zayola
    Ideas fantásticas
  • Gary Luther
    Gary Luther Syracuse, NY
    The ideas of path designs are merely amazing .I would definitely going to apply these ideas while renovating my home garden .I have got marbles and onyx from http://www.omicrongranite.net
  • Trudy
    Trudy Millersville, PA
    They are ALL beautiful! But al I can think is "How on earth would they stay clean?"Leaves, dirt, grass clippings, etc. would always get stuck in those rocks.