Garden Art 04.07.14

Pathways Design Ideas for Home and Garden

through http://awesomearchitecture.net
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  • Karin Graham Knoxville, IA
    i love the path's i wish i could do that
  • Evelyn McMullen Montgomery, AL
    I have gravel paths terraced in my sloped back yard, Heavy rains have washed the gravel down to the bottom of the slope. How can I stop this from happening in the future, suggestions?
  • Sheryll S Jacksonville, FL
    Oh so many 'out of my reach' gorgeous gardens.... love them all... just love them.
  • Yair Spolter Silver Spring, MD
    Evelyn McMullen if you post this as a new question on Hometalk (use the red "Post & Ask" button on the top right of your screen) you should get some great answers from the communtiy.
  • Evelyn McMullen Montgomery, AL
    Thanks, still new & didn't know that
  • Marilyn Tolliver Lincoln, NE
    I would absolutely love to have any one of these pathways in my yard, so, I guess I'll get busy! LOL
  • Linda T Stewartstown, PA
    I love all three of the '3's and the first one with lavender.
  • I love absolutely every one of them. so gorgeous.
  • Joyce A Morrisville, NC
    All are absolutely beautiful!!
  • Kate S Stanardsville, VA
    There is a lot of inspiration in these pictures and yes, these probably cost a fortune, but in each one there is an element that you can take from it and work now with what you have on hand, what you find on craigslist or get from family members/friends,
  • Maria Pagan Jacksonville, FL
    Love them all! Thanks for sharing.
  • I love pathways!!!!!!! Drawing my plans right now.
  • Janet W Sumner, WA
    it really shouldn't cost a fortune to do some of these. Concrete recycling center by you? The people that make pavers only sell "perfect" ones. The rest go to the recycler to be crushed. We have gotten TRUCK loads of pavers for various projects. And of
  • Francois Ybarra Fresno, CA