Crochet T-shirt Rug

material reuse 04.21.16
The t-shirt rug. This was a totally accidental craft that turned out way better than I thought. I needed a project that was portable as I was staying with my dad in the hospital, and nothing is quite so portable as yarn, even tshirt yarn!
Time: 4 Days Cost: $15 Difficulty: Easy
Start with a lot of tshirts. To find out how many, and how I got the most bang for my buck, head over to my blog post - link is below.
I admit, making tshirt yarn was mindless and satisfying, although it left lots of little tshirt fuzzies on my carpet.
Look, super portable! Wind the tshirt yarn into balls, grab a hook and you're on your way. Click over to my blog post to see how the tshirt rug came out. I'm pretty pleased with the ombre coloring and I'm loving the durability and functionality of it!

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  • Marlene
    marlene Canada
    I made one of these out of my grandchildrens clothes they have outgrown, its great fun

    especially when the kids remember wearing the

  • Susan
    Susan Hurst, TX
    we did braided rugs when I was a kid in school for a school project for art, it was a lot of fun, I think braiding would be easier then crocheting but if you like crocheting then it would be a fun project. I can crochet simple things learning to do
  • Susanne
    Susanne Union, SC
    I bet you could do a rectangular rug any width you wanted and put t-shirt rag fringe on the ends! I love this idea to recycle.
  • Sue Sanders
    Sue Sanders Broken Arrow, OK
    My grandmother sewed her strips together and made a large ball by winding them together then she sat in her chair in the evening and croched with the ball on the floor as she made her rugs. To crochet rugs I have a very large needle. I like the crochet
  • Terrie
    Terrie Townville, SC
    A tutorial on including the steps to create this beautiful rug out of the t shirts would have been nice. Especially for a beginning crafter like me.