Crochet T-shirt Rug

crafty decorating 3 days ago
With an array of XXL Men's t-shirts from the thrift shop and large size crochet hook, you can create a beautiful and functional addition to your home in the form of a heavy-duty spot rug. Best of all, crochet is easily portable, so grab the t-shirt yarn and work on this project on the road! #homecrafts
Time: 4 Days Cost: $15 Difficulty: Easy
  • 15 Mens' XXL t-shirts from Goodwill made up this rug. Look for undecorated t-shirts of similar weights.
  • Cut the t-shirts to create "yarn", and crochet it in the round to create a circle, tying each new color on as you go.

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  • Ninaborn
    Just lay the undershirt out flat.. cut 1inch rings from the bottom of the shirt.. it will be a ring. Put your foot in the ring and Pull Up.. do the same as u go along. when done doing that take a piece from the arm and tie the rings together.. and there
  • Sarah Kays
    Sarah Kays Wittmann, AZ
    can you post instructions i really want to try i have never crochet and would like to do this and any other projects like the sheet and the hula hoop for my dogs thanks
    • ChiWei
      ChiWei Sunnyvale, CA
      Sarah Kays Hi Sarah, the post that is linked has instructions. I also have posts for crochet tutorials available on my blog. Hope that helps!
  • Lynn Alexander
    Lynn Alexander Hudson, FL
    when I was a kid we made them from old stockings
  • Karen Carter
    Karen Carter Lovell, WY
    I have been using old sheets works good have one in my bathroom my dog likes to lay on it
  • Alex Hogg
    Alex Hogg Davenport, IA
    we did something like this with loops of t shirts and a hula hoop. my dog loves it.
  • Tracy K
    Tracy K Burton, MI
    I did this with old bedsheets. Works great too!
  • Patricia T
    Patricia T Frostproof, FL
  • Sweet Pea Studio
    Does anyone know if you can make these by knitting them? Do you have a pattern site for knitting them you would like to share?
    • ChiWei
      ChiWei Sunnyvale, CA
      Sweet Pea Studio I'm sorry I don't know how to knit, but I imagine you can knit with t-shirt yarn as well!
  • Ninaborn
    Stretch the rings as you finish cutting them ;) They will curl up


    • Sarah Kays
      Sarah Kays Wittmann, AZ
      Nina can you send instructions on how to make this ring and maybe a picture and i would try it thanks
  • Ninaborn
    You can also Make a womans scarf by cutting rings off the bottom of a mans untershirt from Good will or take one of your Guys wont miss it. even can tie die it first then cut the bottom of the shirt in rings. good luck. learned this from my Grandson
  • Joanne Wozniacki
    Joanne Wozniacki Trenton, NJ
    Thank you, Lynn Sellars, for patterns!
  • Ginger Mencia
    Ginger Mencia Palm Beach Gardens, FL
    would never have thought to use t-shirts. gotta be easier on the feet than sheets. really glad to see your idea
    • Tracy K
      Tracy K Burton, MI
      ChiWei It works great with sheets ChiWei! I have made several of them. Also Ginger if sheets are hard on your feet, try using flannel sheets, or better yet silky sheets. Although the silky ones might be a little slippery!
  • Marilyn Clark (4 You With Love)
    This is an awesome project! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!
  • Lynn Sellars
    Here is a link for various type crochet rugs. I hope this helps.

  • Mary Insana
    Mary Insana Pittsburgh, PA

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