Crochet T-shirt Rug

crafts 6 days ago
With an array of XXL Men's t-shirts from the thrift shop and large size crochet hook, you can create a beautiful and functional addition to your home in the form of a heavy-duty spot rug. Best of all, crochet is easily portable, so grab the t-shirt yarn and work on this project on the road! #homecrafts
Time: 4 Days Cost: $15 Difficulty: Easy
  • 15 Mens' XXL t-shirts from Goodwill made up this rug. Look for undecorated t-shirts of similar weights.
  • Cut the t-shirts to create "yarn", and crochet it in the round to create a circle, tying each new color on as you go.

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  • Chris B
    Chris B Hoopeston, IL
    I have been wanting to try this. One piece of advice I was given, was to use shirts with NO side seams. Did you use this kind of shirt? or Did you have any trouble with the side seams?
    • ChiWei
      ChiWei Sunnyvale, CA
      Chris B I thought all shirts would have at least 1 side seam? I don't remember what shirts I used, but I didn't have any issues with the strips curling up, and if there were side
  • Julie Birt-Thueson
    Julie Birt-Thueson Idaho Falls, ID
    My Aunt made me a rug to fit in front of my odd shaped kitchen cabinets (sink portion) which were really long and red. She used red white and gray. I loved that rug and one time I took it to the Laundromat to wash in the large washer and someone stole it
  • Paulette
    Paulette Elgin, IL
    My mom used to make these out of bread bags back in the day.
  • Char J
    Char J Virginia Beach, VA
    Beautiful! I have two rag rugs my maternal grandmother made by braiding strips of fabric together, then sewing the braids. She passed in 1925, so they're quite old.
    • ChiWei
      ChiWei Sunnyvale, CA
      Char J I want to try the braided rugs too, but am not looking forward to the sewing!
  • Kim Bahr
    Kim Bahr Fort Leonard Wood, MO
    I have a huge area rung and a small kitchen sink one made from jeans. I bought them from a crafter at a fair that uses all kinds of materials. I love it have had it for over ten years and still looks amazing. machine washable too