Board and batten height

Are there "rules" on how high you should make a board and batten wall feature or is it just personal preference? I have a couple of rooms I'd like to do this in and could go different heights but don't want it to look odd if too low/high.
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  • Therese C Greenfield, IA
    I really think it is a matter of personal preference. I always followed the rule of thumb that it should be standard chair rail height in a kitchen or dining room. (36-40") give or take an inch. If this is for living room or bedroom, it is very common
  • Thanks, it's for the kitchen and bathroom, so I wasn't too sure. In the kitchen is where I am really wondering because of our upper cabinets. Don't want to go too high but then won't it look odd if it's higher than a chair rail but lower than the top of
  • Therese C Greenfield, IA
    Apparently I am very old fashioned..lol..it looks like anything goes nowadays! Here are some examples of just how high people are taking it! So as I said..it is your preference that matters!
  • wow thanks so much for your help. And your not old fashioned, just vintagely inspired lol
  • i see from your profile that you are an art student. Did you see the post today on barn quilt squares? So pretty
  • Mary L Mayville, MI
    My rule would be lower than the lowest light switch OR higher than the highest light switch. I took OUT a chair rail that ran THROUGH the switches. It just looked dumb. Hope this helps.
  • Therese C Greenfield, IA
    Who would run a chair rail THROUGH a light switch??? That's just silly! I would have taken it out too! I once moved into a home with the strangest walls I have ever seen! The former owners had left paneling...yes paneling at the top and sheet rocked the