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My little Farm

I started with 2, 4 x 12 raised beds last year. This year, the dogs seemed to be more interested helping me out with "farming" so my husband installed a wire fence around my designated "farm" area of our lot. I planted 12 wisteria around the fence to cover it up and added 3 more 4x4 raised beds and got a gable house shed for mother's day:)
  • my little farm, gardening, raised garden beds
  • my little farm, gardening, raised garden beds

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  • Douglas Hunt
    Douglas Hunt New Smyrna Beach, FL

    What a great setup you have, Cindy. I thought you could cover the earth with 12 wisteria!

  • Joe-Cindy L
    Joe-Cindy L Meridian, ID

    haha I'm making 2 of the wisteria into a "tree" by the entrance and the rest to cover up the fence. I promised myself to train them properly! :)

  • Sherrie S
    Sherrie S Debary, FL

    How large is the "little" farm? I assume you water your land with a well. That is a beautiful setting.

  • Patty B
    Patty B Kent, OH


  • Joe-Cindy L
    Joe-Cindy L Meridian, ID

    "Farm" is a small part of our 1.3 acre of land. We have 12 stations of sprinkler around our lot, but my raised gardens have a soaker hose and yes, we do have a well. I'll check next time the farm big is the farm.

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