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How to Use Lace With Wood Icing® Textura Paste

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Quick little video showing how to use lace with Wood Icing® Textura Paste
I show how to spread the Textura Paste over the top of lace. And I also show how to press lace into the Textura Paste. We paint both with Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan. We used this technique on the Flag project we posted.
"How To" Use Lace with Wood Icing® Textura Paste.
Such a stunning design for drawer fronts. Find the perfect lace for your project and turn any piece into a work of art using Wood Icing® Textura Paste.
Wood Icing is water based with easy fast clean up. No harsh odor or chemicals. Wash out the lace and use it over and over.
Once your design is dry, you can paint, stain or glaze for a beautiful finish. Wood Icing® Textura Paste is an extremely durable product.

Materials I used for this project:

  • Wood Icing® Textura Paste   (http://www.woodicing.com/)
  • Lace   (Fabric store)
  • Chalk Paint® by Annie sloan   (http://www.woodicing.com/)

To see more: http://www.woodicing.com/

Got a question about this project?

  • Anne Argaiz

    It´s so so cool!!!! Thanks for sharing!

  • Dorothybetts

    This is really beautiful, thank you for sharing this idea and technique.

  • Zaenudin
    Zaenudin Franklin, IN

    i like it..
    I will try to apply at home

  • Sue johnson
    Sue johnson United Kingdom

    Hi I live in England would you know if I can buy wood icing over here.Also what is it made of.?

  • Debbie

    I live in South Africa and our products are named differently to yours. Could you tell me whether products like wood icing and chalk paint are available in SA?

  • Annette Duvenhage
    Annette Duvenhage South Africa

    I live in South Africa can you tell me what wood icing is called here? Or the replacement for this product please

    • Wood Icing™
      Wood Icing™ Foristell, MO

      Sorry Annette, I cannot help you with that one. I know nothing about South Africa products.

  • Annette Duvenhage
    Annette Duvenhage South Africa

    I want to try this product yes.

    • Dawn Nelson

      textura paste or a texture paste wood icing is the company name

  • Vero Albuja Almeida

    muchas gracias por su idea muy linda

  • Stacey Allison Christensen

    Brilliant! I love it!

  • Sue johnson
    Sue johnson United Kingdom

    Would try this wood icing,BUT would like to know whats in it as live in UK and cannot find it under wood icing.

    • Dawn Nelson

      textura paste or a texture paste wood icing is the company name

  • Annie Doherty

    I think it looks absolutely beautiful, great job, luckily we all have different tastes, I for one appreciate your skill and effort and cannot wait to try it, thank you :-)

  • Rose
    Rose Foristell, MO

    Hi Annie, thank you for your kind words. I hope you do give it a try. Please let us know how you do or if you have questions.

  • Patty
    Patty Fountain Valley, CA

    I'm fascinated by this product. I have some lace from my wedding dress that I can "ice" onto picture frames for our 50th anniversary photos.

    • Ty
      Ty Lancaster, PA

      This absolutely gorgeous!

  • Karen Daniels
    Karen Daniels Smithfield, KY


  • Ty
    Ty Lancaster, PA

    My Dad was an Auto Body Repair Specialist, this reminds me of a painting technique(using auto paint and clear coat) he did on the hood of a 1970's era Corvette! It was magnificent!

  • Rose
    Rose Foristell, MO

    Hi Ty,
    That sounds amazing! I wish I could see that.

  • Amy Kay Morgan
    Amy Kay Morgan Callahan, FL

    Just brilliant!!

  • Redo
    Redo Hurdle Mills, NC

    I will try this!

  • Jziebel55

    I did this a few years ago on an old dress and the results are stunning

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