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Fun Homemade Stepping Stones...

I bought my mold from : http://www.gardenponds.com/molds6.htm......I used what they recommender, 8 parts Denatured alcohol & 1 part castor Oil for the mold release agent. .. I have used vegetable spray in the past and it worked fine....Used the recommended Sancrete Sand Mix. Brands may change depending upon where you live. Traced the outline of a brick onto a piece of shirt cardboard..I did take a little off the width and the middle brick I made shorter to look better.. Then traced onto the concrete...I left a 1/2" space for the "grout" which is the unpainted concrete..I bought 2 different color paints from Lowe's Concrete paint, Brick Facade and Poppy Field... you may want to match your brick color.. Painted the darker color on bricks first the came over with a little of the lighter color on a rag..kind of like a light wash...I think they turned out pretty and are easy to do!
Difficulty: Easy
Heart stepping stone...
  • fun homemade stepping stones, crafts, outdoor living

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  • Teri
    Teri Ferndale, WA

    I pick up cake pans all the time at garage sales just for making cement garden art. Of course you would never try to clean them up and use them for cooking, but spraying them good with Pam works wonders. I must say I have quite the collection of

    • Pat
      Pat Canada

      @Teri Love this idea!

  • GardenGypsy
    GardenGypsy Stuart, FL

    @Renee-Great stuff ladies luv your little Heart!!

  • Deborah
    Deborah Valrico, FL

    I'm not following how you got the brick pattern traced on there with a shirt box. Can you try to help me understand? Can theses be walked on?

  • Diane
    Diane Long Beach, CA

    We have be been making our own heart stepping stones, but these brick painted hearts are soo cute. I wil definitely try it soon. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • Susan Igo

    I love the brick look. Of all the stepping stones I've seen, these are my favorite.

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