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My funky pallet ladder sawhorse blogging desk! (whew)

I desired a desk for my blog office but I couldn't find anything I liked. And I wasn't a great builder!
So... I hunted around for components to work together instead. All I ended up needing was two saw horses, a ladder and pallet wood.
This is part of a 6 part series from design to the finale. Just when you think you couldn't build... I'm sure this will prove you wrong. :)
What do you think? Is it too rustic for you?
What use to be my dining room became my blogging area. So I get to enjoy a good net experience along with all my junk by my side. :)
The build consisted of two old sawhorses bound for the burn pile and an old ladder for the frame. It's as sturdy as all get out!
Some fun graphics and big bolts were added for an eclectic put together look.
The desk has a BIG secret... the monitor was sunken into the surface. Perfect for achy necks that don't look up so well with those monster 27" monitors. :)
Aaaand... the ever delightful before. Yikes!

To see more: http://www.funkyjunkinteriors.net/2010/08/palette-desk-project-part-6-big-reveal.html

Got a question about this project?

  • FunkyJunk Interiors - Donna

    So sweet Jeanette! But I'm afraid the name isn't all that unique in my world. A repurposer uses so many components, I run out of letters naming much of anything I make! :)

  • ViewAlongTheWay
    ViewAlongTheWay Marietta, GA

    Donna, this is so beautiful and full of character! I love every detail.

  • Country Design Style-Jeanette

    I really love it! Great place for work and getting inspired!

  • DIY 180
    DIY 180 Winter Park, FL

    This is great!

  • Nancy Watson
    Nancy Watson Jacksonville, FL

    The before made me queasy! It must have been taken by the previous owners. Love the upgraded floors and incorporating the windows with shelves. Super job!

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