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Garden Chandelier

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Pretty reclaimed crystals, dangling on small garden chandeliers, seem to be popping up all over lately. They’re so darn cute!
Of course, I had to give one a go!
  • garden chandelier, crafts, outdoor living
I had plenty of crystals. I remembered a blue faucet handle in the garage, then, sorted through a box of old lamp parts to find a couple small, clear glass pieces, a brass base, and all the nuts and washers I thought I’d need. I chose a finial with a hole in it so it would be easier to add a wire for the center crystals.
What I didn’t have was a long threaded lamp pipe. You can find them in a home improvement store for under $3.00. Sweet!
  • garden chandelier, crafts, outdoor living
Larger holes had to be drilled through the faucet handle and some of the washers to accommodate the rod. Holes were cut bigger in some cloth pads too.
In preparation to hang the crystals, small holes were drilled in every other petal of the brass globe lamp cap. Sand, or grind the holes smooth after drilling.
  • garden chandelier, crafts, outdoor living
  • garden chandelier, crafts, outdoor living
I stacked the collected pieces in an arrangement I liked, then, removed each piece, laying them in a line, in the order they were stacked.
  • garden chandelier, crafts, outdoor living
  • garden chandelier, crafts, outdoor living
Run a hex nut down the threaded pipe. Put on the brass lamp cap, upturned, with the petals down. Add the faucet handle and other pieces in the order you have them laid out. If you happen to run out of rod before all the pieces are on, just run the hex nut a little further down the rod for more room. Hang on to the finial and screw the hex nut up on the rod to tighten things up. Once tightened, mark the rod with a piece of tape. Remove your pieces, once again laying them in order, and cut the rod to the length you need. Sand, or grind any sharp edges on the rod. Reassemble the piece.
  • garden chandelier, crafts, outdoor living
  • garden chandelier, crafts, outdoor living
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Materials I used for this project:

  • Threaded lamp pipe   (Home Improvement Store)
  • Lamp pieces/faucet handle   (free)

To see more: https://glassictouch.com/2016/07/11/crystal-garden-chandelier/

  • AKP
    AKP Saint Charles, MO

    Very pretty, thanks for the tutorial - talent and imagination!

  • Annie Doherty

    How clever this little chandelier is, simply beautiful stylish and elegant, thanks for the inspiration.

  • Jann Olson
    Jann Olson Alpine, UT

    Oh I love this! Thanks for sharing the how to's!

  • Greendew2you

    This is a great idea. I like the old turned new, so creative. I think I will hang one just inside of the window where the afternoon sun goes in. It should give the room some rainbow color.

  • Deborahnail

    So smart! ❤️ it!!!!👏🏼😀

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