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Upcycling old wash tubs and chimney flues

A dump find of old wash tubs and chimney flues and paint made a whimsical kitchen herb garden. In the winter I roll them inside and enjoy fresh/dried herbs all winter.
  • Jennifer L. Nodine
    Jennifer L. Nodine Raleigh, NC

    I'm looking for ideas for some old cramic chimney flue liners that I found on our property. They've probably Bern sitting there for 40 years or better (original owner was a home builder). I like this idea. How did you cut them on an angle like that?

    • Karen S
      Karen S Chaseburg, WI

      @Jennifer L. Nodine Sorry, I just saw your question and actually I didn't cut them off , they came like that. If you were leaving them outside you could sink them at different heights and it could create a very interesting effect. :)

  • Tina Reese-Beebe
    Tina Reese-Beebe Shamong, NJ

    I thought it was bad for you to plant things you are going to eat in galvanized tubs! If they are old and painted they could contain led.

    • Karen S
      Karen S Chaseburg, WI

      @Tina Reese-Beebe I just spray painted the outside before filling the tubs. As for the galvanized poisoning part I will have to research it to see if there is leaching into the soil possibilities... Thanks for mentioning it. I definitely will check

  • Margaret Hely Watkins
    Margaret Hely Watkins Saint Louis, MO

    I have been using the tubs for planting since 1980's. I love the look, however I have never painted mine, I do like the way yours look. I like to use mine for starting plants and herbs.

  • Terri Wieczorek-Holiday

    Great Idea.. Happy Gardening

  • Rose
    Rose Lake Mills, WI

    I have my mom's old washtubs. I want to plant flowers in them. I need to know what kind of paint do you use and how to preserve them.

    • Karen S
      Karen S Chaseburg, WI

      Sorry my reply got lost. I found using acrylic spray paint is the easiest. When it dries, then apply a clear protective coating spray.

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