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You CAN Paint a Vinyl Upholstered Chair! With AS Chalk Paint

I used Annie Sloan chalk paint in Pure White to paint an old, tired looking, vinyl chair. I used a darling Laurel Wreath Stencil to detail the chair and waxed the whole thing with AS clear wax. I buffed the wax immediately after applying it to the chair. Then I added another coat of wax and buffed that too. Dipped legs added a fun detail too. makeover
For this old vinyl chair I used thinned down chalk paint to freshen it. I then use clear wax as a finish - buffing immediately as I put the wax on - working in small areas waxing and buffing both.
The legs were painted the same as the chair and then 'dipped' in grey paint.
  • you can paint a vinyl upholstered chair with as chalk paint, chalk paint, painted furniture
  • you can paint a vinyl upholstered chair with as chalk paint, chalk paint, painted furniture
The paint cracks a bit as it wears - but doesn't flake off - it wears like an old buttery leather bomber jacket! To see the amazing after come on over to the blog!

To see more: http://www.sewafineseam.com/2013/07/painting-a-vinyl-upholstered-chair/

Got a question about this project?

  • Kathleen
    Kathleen Wichita, KS

    I had an old orange vinyl chair given to me and read a post on interest about chalk painting it and that chair was so beautiful that I had to try it. The day I started it I read through her blog one more time and was heart broken to find that her

    • Jill F
      Jill F Covington, OH

      @Kathleen Mine did just fine for the weeks I had it in my home - my girls climbed all over it and sat in it all the time. I sold it at show I did - it hadn't shown the slightest inclination to peeling or chipping. Might have depended on how shiny the

  • Sarah Ann Semsch
    Sarah Ann Semsch Andover, KS

    Thanks for responding and I will paint one again if I find one. They just are so amazing.

  • Joyce Haragsim
    Joyce Haragsim Las Vegas, NV

    You have given a great idea to paint my very dark brown/red chair into a cheery red.

  • Karen Reilly
    Karen Reilly Sunapee, NH

    I have an old striped chair that is made out of fabric would this chalk paint work on that?

    • Jill F
      Jill F Covington, OH

      @Karen Reilly I'm sure it would work - the biggest thing I would consider is how dark the fabric is in color. If it's very dark it can be hard to cover if you want to go with a light color. There is a great blog post here - http://www.hypheninteriors.com/chairs that has tons of info on painting upholstery and also has links to failed attempts - I'd check it out before you start your project!

  • Colleen Lusignan

    Can you use ASCP on a cheap version of leather that has many crackes?

    • Jill F
      Jill F Covington, OH

      @Colleen Lusignan I've not done that but I'm sure you could with the same results as this vinyl chair I painted.

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