Succulents in Teacups

This year we have planted succulents in all kinds of containers. We've planted them in chicken feeders, tin cans, and I think my favorite place: tea cups!
They just look good no matter what you plant them in....and wherever you put them. I had these little random pieces of Homer Laughlin china....a tea cup and a creamer, and I love how these little plants look in them on our summer mantel.
#diy #repurposed #recycle #succulent #VintageDecor #SpringColors
Head on over for all the details.....

To see more: http://cottageintheoaks.com/2013/07/succulents-in-tea-cups/

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  • Alexandra Arena Forest Hills, NY
    These are so darling, Daune!
  • Miriam I New York, NY
  • Kathy Scott Portland, OR
    Very nice!!! I have a few mugs that have small chips and am going to do this. I have succulents in my outdoor gardens and as soon as the snow melts im going to do this!
  • That will be so fun! =)
  • That will look great, Kathy Scott ! =)
  • Oh, they will look great, Kathy Scott !
  • That will look great, Kathy Scott !
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