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First pond ever...

This is my first pond..in the beginning from the first photo. April 2009..I will rebuild in a different place w/ concrete..lesson learned. I miss her. An earthquake destroyed it in 2011...But I will rebuild early fall.

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  • Aquascape Inc.
    Aquascape Inc. Saint Charles, IL

    Jane, good luck with your pond re-build. If you have any questions along the way, just holler!

  • I Love Ponds.com
    I Love Ponds.com Cherry Valley, MA

    Yes, use the Aquascape pond kit! please stay clear of concrete! that lesson was learned by many before you, Aquascape inc. in particular wouldn't be here today if the owners first pond wasn't built with concrete and he then needed to invent new ways

  • I Love Ponds.com
    I Love Ponds.com Cherry Valley, MA

    i got my start in the industry with the Aquascape pond kit. the best product available and the home owner diy kit is very nice way to get started with water features if you can read a manual and use a shovel. its a great way to get your feet wet and

  • Texas Ponds and Water Features

    Pondering is one great hobby. It's so relaxing and it's always changing. We install the Aquascape ecosystem pond systems to keep the maintenance down and because it's easily hidden inside our rock work.

  • Jo A
    Jo A Orange, TX

    Your pond is beautiful.

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