Our mirror mosaic fence. We had a blast creating this. Amazing what can come from a broken mirror mishap.

  • We used 6 large broken mirrors.
  • Looks like a jigsaw ran amuck on our fence. Seems as though you can see right through to the neighbors yard.
  • Debbie Williams
    Debbie Williams Plymouth, CT
    what a great idea i love this
  • Ellen
    Ellen Southington, CT
    Absolutely beautiful!
  • Ellen
    Ellen Southington, CT
    Cindy, do you have a 'how to' somewhere? I'm wondering about the shapes of the mirror pieces and what you used for adhesive that didn't dissolve the silver off the back.
  • Karen
    Karen Vacaville, CA
    This is great. I was ready to start planning until I read Jess' comment about the birds.

    Sadly I agree. I have tons of birds and already find enough dead ones trying to fly thru my

  • Jill Carpenter
    Jill Carpenter Yelm, WA
    This doesn't bother birds around our home. I have several areas done with mirror and glass, because it isn't a continuous large expanse it doesn't confuse them. I used a silicon adhesive and it works just fine. There is a school in Chula Vista, CA that
Cindy S

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