Our mirror mosaic fence. We had a blast creating this. Amazing what can come from a broken mirror mishap.

creative projects 6 days ago
  • We used 6 large broken mirrors.
  • Looks like a jigsaw ran amuck on our fence. Seems as though you can see right through to the neighbors yard.
  • Renee
    Renee Bakersfield, CA
    Did you hand cut the mirror? I so want to do this, love it!
  • Julie Reynolds-Grabbe
    That is one of the coolest things I have ever seen!
  • Beth Ward
    Beth Ward Mooresville, NC
    I agree with Julie. Looking through the trees and seeing that would just be amazing.
  • Ginger Bibb
    Ginger Bibb Walnut Ridge, AR
    What type of adhesive did you use? How old is the project? Has it wintered yet?
  • Patty
    Patty Pacifica, CA
    How cool. It totally looks like a see through fence. I want to do this. What did you use to apply the mirror tiles? Did you have a design drawn on the fence? Love this!!! Thanks for posting.
Cindy S