Our mirror mosaic fence. We had a blast creating this. Amazing what can come from a broken mirror mishap. | Hometalk
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  • Elizabeth Sagarminaga
    Elizabeth Sagarminaga Mission Viejo, CA

    Nice One. Thanks for sharing.

  • Heather Paar
    Heather Paar Maquoketa, IA

    Very pretty

  • M. M..
    M. M.. Pleasant Hill, CA

    Beautiful and I love the extra work it must have been to work your designs in instead of just gluing up randomly. It really adds to the illusion of cut wood and a garden beyond...

  • Notalemming
    Notalemming Las Vegas, NV

    Adds a surreal effect to an otherwise bland fence. And as far as cats and people hurting themselves on this as mentioned in the question section....really? Folks! Get over the Disney mentality. The only real danger in this project is probably in

  • Bernice H
    Bernice H Palm Desert, CA

    I still love this. We have a cement block fence belonging to the neighbors..I am percolating my brain on how to do this...I still love it ...awesome!