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  • Kathy Conley Spring Hill, TN
    I just LOVE this and I can't wait to try this in my yard. Thanks for sharing !
  • Sue Baker Myrtle Beach, SC
    Thanks Ann, I was wondering the same thing on how to bond to the fence. I'm sure they used a glass cutter to cut the pieces but the bonding is different.
  • Ann Bliss Portsmouth, NH
    Hi Sue, I went ahead and decided to cover a portion of our fence with mirrors. I don't have a glass cutter so went ahead and carefully broke the piecers in an old cloth and tarp...I used the pieces randomly and used silicone to bond them. It worked well.
  • Linda Fraine Naples, FL
    I love what you did. such a great job. I broke a large mirror in my garden and I picked up al the pieces and made a mosaic piece to hang on the wall of my lanai. I cll it shattered. I should add it to my board.
  • Mo Temple, TX
    This is really a work of love. You had a good time doing this as a project and it "reflects" your creativity.
  • Awesome...Looks like a tremendous amount of work!
  • Karen Farmersville, TX
    That is the best most creative idea I've seen in a while ... love it!!!
  • I love it, so original!!
  • doing this tomorrow ! Plan on breaking the mirror on top of a tarp and getting liquid nails and a gun to glue in place !
  • Denise S. Temecula, CA
    Yes... what a cool idea.. I think fences are a canvas too.. I love this.. did you paint in between the pieces? If not you could do that too where there was no glass the right size.. I think your eyes would fill it in like mine did..ha!.. looks like a
  • When you do this be sure to do it in an area that is shaded....

    Mirrors reflect heat & glass remember will burn much hotter then even the normal sun's rays.

  • Nancy Sauer Ocean Springs, MS
    what do you glue it with?
  • This is amazing and beautiful, I would love to do it in my yard but I don't know if it would interfere with the planes. I live about five klm. from an airport and they are usually still low by the time they fly over my house and I would have all day sun
  • Sherry Big Sandy, TN
    This is really something to look at. The way your tree sits reflecting off the mirror makes it look like someone had cut the fence to see through the fence. It is just beautiful!
  • Katie Canada
    Very Cool! I love this idea!!