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  • Harry Kock
    Harry Kock Canada

    Here's a way to keep it cheap. My local glass shop has broken mirrors all the time in their dumpster. Just CAREFULLY remove them at the end of the day or, provide a garbage can beside the dumpster and ask shop to toss mirrors in there.

  • Sparkles
    Sparkles Tulsa, OK

    that is a good way to get broken mirrors and not have to break them your self. just be very careful handling them.

  • Lynne Webb

    In time that tin will rust which will only add to the beauty. It's something only nature can do. I love the tin touch.

  • Carol
    Carol Sierra Vista, AZ

    I love the mirror, weathered wood fence, stone wall, and planting seeds. I love the natural feel of it all. So much nicer than gravel and concrete block they use here in the southwest.

  • Anonamouse5
    Anonamouse5 San Luis Obispo, CA

    YES!!! What Gina said!