Our mirror mosaic fence. We had a blast creating this. Amazing what can come from a broken mirror mishap.

Garden,s 56 minutes ago

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  • Elaine DeLong-fuehrer
    quite cleaver.. and beautiful
  • Christine
    Christine Barryville, NY
    This is not only amazing but ingenious! I have ugly stockade fences in front of my house that are in for a facelift this spring!! Thank you for sharing this
  • Debbie chuter
    Thats fantastic, love it.
  • Mpkc202
    Stunning! Do you find that birds fly into it because if not I'd like to try it.
  • Debs
    Debs Magnolia, KY
    I love this idea,,, Imagination can go a long way with this one. Thank you for sharing it..(mpkc202, I know a Cardinal who would love this type of fence, he saw his reflection in a picture glass window last year and all summer long every day he tried to
Cindy S