DIY Tide Pods Rainbow Fish Lamp

DIY Crafts 4 days ago
An empty container of Tide Pods became this lovely and inexpensive lamp for my son's room. All you need other than the container is a glue gun, a circle paper punch, craft paper and a lamp kit and shade. I made mine for about $12 dollars.

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Time: 2 Hours Cost: $12.00 Difficulty: Easy
  • Here is how you start covering the Tide Pods Container with quite a few circles made with your puncher
  • After you cover "the fish with scales" it's time to add a few more details like the fins which is just heart shaped cardboard boxes cut outs attached to the container and beads for the eyes
  • I got lucky and found a lampshade on sale for about 6 dollars. Open a hole on the lid to attach the lamp kit set and another on the bottom of the container so the cable can exit and be free to connect.
  • Really there is nothing to it, your imagination is the limit with this project.
  • I have a happy kid and so would you if you decide to give this recycling project a try!
Lizy McGow

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