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How to Close the Bag Using a Plastic Bottle Cap

How to close the bag using a plastic bottle cap
  • how to close the bag using a plastic bottle cap, crafts

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  • Judy
    Judy Bay Shore, NY

    Thanks, great idea! I never thought of that! I use the bottle tops as a funnel to pour solids or liquids into another container.

  • ByLightOfMoon
    ByLightOfMoon Warne, NC

    Wonderful Idea!

  • Amy Weaver
    Amy Weaver Novi, MI

    Wow -- someone else is using a wood burning tool on plastic bottles -- great minds think alike! Fabulous flowers can also be made from the bottoms of most juice bottles, too. Cut, shape and then paint bottom with either oil based pens or nail

    • Kelly S
      Kelly S Bremerton, WA

      @Amy Weaver tutorial please, and thank you. Your rose looks so real!

  • Joanna Carrisal
    Joanna Carrisal Atmore, AL

    Very useful idea.

  • Clara Steendahl
    Clara Steendahl Ephrata, WA

    Pray tell, about the wood burner on plastic!?!? Don't see anything about it here, have one & need ideas for more uses.

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