Growing White Pumpkins

Garden Glory 09.17.14
White pumpkins have become very popular in decorating for fall, but they can be hard to find and quite expensive. So we decided to try growing our own. I've put together some tips that I've learned from research and experience so that you can grow some too!
  • You will need a large space for your pumpkin patch!
  • Pumpkins need at least 90-100 days to grow and mature.
  • Planting different varieties assures you of some success.
  • Pumpkins have male and female blossoms and only the female blossoms develop pumpkins. Bees are essential for pollination.
  • Pumpkins are heavy feeders so they will need to be fertilized once the fruit starts growing.

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  • Jayme
    Jayme Bountiful, UT
    This is my second year of trying to grow white pumpkins...I'm able to get them like all my other veggies at the garden center (not lowes or HD). For some reason I just can get them to continue to grow or produce any pumpkins. Should I buy more than one
    • Jane@Cottage at the Crossroads
      Jayme That may be a good idea to grow more than one plant. I have a few plants that have yet to form any fruit. So to assure some success, I would plant several. This is my first year growing white ones so I will know more next year!
  • Evelyn
    Evelyn Lovell, WY
    It seems that there are always a lot of male blossoms that come and go before the female ones ever come on, so planting several assures you more male and female blossoms blooming at the same time. I planted white, baby and larger ones this year. Am just
    • Jane@Cottage at the Crossroads
      Evelyn Hope you found some nice surprises when you arrived home! We planted the blue Jarradale pumpkins this summer but we were a little late getting them in the ground. Maybe we'll have some blue pumpkins at Thanksgiving!
  • Amber
    Amber Duarte, CA
    what season are you supposed to plant white pumpkins?
    • Jane@Cottage at the Crossroads
      Amber We planted these about mid-July last year, but in some places, they would need to be planted a little earlier. We live in South Carolina.
  • Evelyn
    Evelyn Lovell, WY
    Though I planted 4 varieties, my pumpkins did not do well this year. We seem to have a shortage of bees. Cucumbers didn't produce much either. My small ornamental ones did fairly well but I only got about 13 pumpkins out of all of those plants, and no
    • Jane@Cottage at the Crossroads
      Evelyn Our cucumbers did not do well this year either. After we planted them, we had a light frost and some of the tiny plants got burned. After that, they got off to a slow start
  • Evelyn
    Evelyn Lovell, WY
    No, I bought and planted new white heirloom pumpkin seeds. I don't know what happened unless they just crossed in my garden with the other pumpkins.
Jane@Cottage at the Crossroads