Braiding Garlic

Garden 11.29.13
Garden Therapy was so lucky to have local author, speaker, and organic gardening expert, Carolyn Herriot, drop by with a great Fall project from her book, The Zero-Mile Diet: A Year-Round Guide to Growing Organic Food (Harbour Publishing). She shared with us an easy way to braid garlic with herbs for a beautiful display.

  • Garlic is not only a delicious herb used in cooking. It can also serve as a great looking display when paired with fresh herbs in your home.
  • Today, Carolyn is going to share how to braid dry garlic for a beautiful look in your kitchen. To begin, you will lay three clean dry stalks of garlic with the foilage facing toward you.
  • If you have been following along on Garden Therapy, we have shown you how to plant and harvest and cook with garlic. plant...
  • Tie the braid off above the last fold, leaving string for hanging.
  • Visit the blog for full braiding instructions and how to add multiple stalks of garlic into your braid.
  • When you have braided the last garlic bulb, you will continue braiding the foilage, as well.
  • Be sure to check out The Zero Mile Diet by Carolyn Herriot. You can also find the full instructions for braiding garlic on the blog...

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