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  • Denise Wilkerson Bowman

    Love it...so pretty and organized..

  • Linda
    Linda Columbus, MT

    love everything about it, it's great...

  • Mcfergus

    I don't really like that the stoves are so far away from the preparation area. Good way to get a severe burn. I love the counter top of the center counter but the one have on the counter top looks very old fashioned. It would be nice to have room to

  • Jennie Brinker
    Jennie Brinker Humble, TX

    Spices tend to deteriorate and lose their freshness and flavor when exposed to high temps. While I like the idea of this storage, its not really a good idea.

  • Sherry Hanson
    Sherry Hanson Indianapolis, IN

    What a gorgeous & lovely home. I love your thrifty ideas. You are so lucky.

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