Over-wintering in a pot or plant now?

Is it best to over-winter some perennials - hens-and-chicks, astilbe, salvia, butterfly bush, ice-plant - or to plant in the ground for the winter?

I'm located about 20 miles north of NYC and able to keep the potted plants close to the house if that would help them over-winter.

  • Lelanda Muzzell
    I live in Ontario Canada..and believe me Hen and chick will live in pots or in the flower bed..LoL But If am sure there are different kinds as well!
  • Drought Smart Plants
    You can see my posts on Sempervivum here that might give you some ideas;


  • Heather (New House New Home)
    I have a pot of hens & chicks that I move into my unheated garage for the winter (along with a Japanese maple in another pot). It survives quite well there. But if the plants are already in the ground, leave them. They should be fine in your climate
  • Somewhat Quirky
    Somewhat Quirky Grosse Pointe, MI
    I have found that my hens and chicks do best when I leave them outside and ignore them for the winter. When I bring them inside they kind of freak out and start growing abnormally. I have friends that grow them in bird baths and they flourish there. They
    • Drought Smart Plants
      Somewhat Quirky Any kind of Sempervivum, and many Sedum are fine outdoors; Echeveria, Pachyphytum and those type are all tender, so they're treated as houseplants for the winter.
  • Coco Tree Service Corp
    Whether to bring your succulents inside to leave them out during the winter will depend on your weather and the plants. Some will over winter well such as theButterfly Bush and will only need to be trimmed back and mulch.
Pat C