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How to fix hump in carpet without redoing whole floor..Help

Plants & Flowers 09.20.13
carpet is in great shape, just has a hump in the middle of the room....Of course it is out of warranty :-(
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  • The Garden Frog Boutique with C. Renee
    Carpets sometimes have to be re-stretched. Over time carpets will stretch especially in large rooms. Look for a carpet guy that will charge a fee to re-stretch your carpet. It is best to hire a professional so you can extend the life of your carpets.
  • Tina Schuman
    Tina Schuman Ellabell, GA
    thanks ... may have to resort to that ....I wish I could post a picture....it is in the middle of the floor, lol
  • The Garden Frog Boutique with C. Renee
    I have one too. Large room and I am working out a barter with a neighbor who happens to be a carpet guy. Should not be that much to stretch. But if you do this carpet will last even longer. Good luck
  • Micki
    Micki Maybee, MI
    I had this problem with my living room carpet as well. There were two humps almost next to each other. One was longer than the other. I had a carpet guy come out and he wanted to restretch the whole carpet (12.5 x 22). I'm alone and couldn't possibly
    • The Garden Frog Boutique with C. Renee
      Micki that is a great point. Do not hire anyone until you get more than one estimate and check out the guy to make sure he is legitimate. Good luck Tina on finding someone.
  • Tina Schuman
    Tina Schuman Ellabell, GA
    Thanks, good idea. I can't move all of this heavy furniture either
Tina Schuman

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