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Outdoor potted plants brought indoors for winter?

does anyone know of ways to rid bugs from the soil of potted plants i had outdoors but need to come inside for the winter?
  • outdoor potted plants brought indoors for winter, gardening
  • April E
    April E Oklahoma City, OK

    I have always used a mix of dawn dish detergent and water I run it through the soil after a watering and let it set a couple of days then bring them in and have never had a issue

    VALERIE Southfield, MI

    I apply a systemic houseplant insect powder and water it in, in case there are eggs in the soil. If there are are any visible pests, I use a combination of fly tape (to catch any thing movin around) and quarantine for a few weeks before bringing into

  • Jan B.
    Jan B. Crossville, TN

    Very good idea to check your plants before they come inside....my daughter's friend had a small snake appear on her kitchen floor which came out of her outdoor plant!

  • Noel cathey

    probly in the soil-- so reot it before bringing it into house , and add chili poweder into the soil,,,, this will get rid of any bug except those with egg sacs,,,,

  • Kathybrunin
    Kathybrunin Saint Marys, KS

    you can soak them in a bucket or pan of water for about 10 minutes. Drowns the bugs!