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Farmhouse Drop Leaf Table a Weathered Wood Refinish and New Seats

Weathered Wood Finished Farmhouse Drop Leaf Table
Weathered Wood Finished Farmhouse Drop Leaf Table
Hi Everyone, I should probably call this post “The many changes of a White Farmhouse Drop leaf Table”, I am pretty sure this new weathered wood finish is my favorite and won’t be changing it anytime soon.
Weathered wood-finished farmhouse- drop leaf table-One More Time Events-www.onemoretimeevents.com
This farmhouse round drop leaf kitchen table has been around for some time, it has seen a few color changes, along with being placed in a few places of our home. One thing I love about this Drop leaf table is can be used in a couple different ways by simply dropping the leaves to be used as a console table, it has been used in the living room in front of the window to display some of our favorite home accent decor pieces. Recently we have moved it into the kitchen and gave it a weather wood finish and new seating. Stick around and see what we used.
After with Weathered Wood Finish and new Refinished weathered wood finished chair seats
Before: All White with Fabric chair Seats. I did like this look, but after a while the up keep of keeping the fabric clean and having to stick with this style it was decided to go with wood seating. The cost of wood can be expensive and wanting a sturdy wood we used something we had on hand.
Repurposed Oak TV Tray’s into Farmhouse Chair Seats
These chairs were a little unstable and was in need of a little reinforcement, new seats were made using the old seats as a pattern, they were traced and cut to size and routed around the edges.
If you are looking to add new chair seats, but don’t want to pay the price of oak wood, try looking at thrift stores, garage sales, we happened to have these Oak TV trays that we never used.
Drop Leaf Farmhouse Table with Weathered Wood Finish
The table top of the Farmhouse table, chair seats were all done in the same weathered wood technique.
All Pieces were given a fresh coat of Premium Stain Blocker Primer.
Chalk Smoked Pearl Paint: was applied worked in long strokes of a dry brush, blending and working it into the white primer
*Note When applying the second coat of primer, I didn’t let the primer completely dry, the reason I did this is way is, when dry brushing the smoked pearl, I was able to take the color down into lighter shade in some areas while dry brushing and blending the smoked pearl it into the tabletop.
Once this layer was completely dried it was lightly sanded with 220 sandpaper.
Decorative Glaze Java Brown was applied with rag and lightly sanded
To finish White Wax was applied to all parts of the farmhouse table and chairs.

Material I used for this project:

  • Paint and stain   (Home Depot)

To see more: http://www.onemoretimeevents.com/weathered-wood/

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