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Word Find Chalkboard Pumpkin

Saved to Idea Box. Organize
Need an easy idea for your next fall party or get-together? This chalkboard word find pumpkin makes the perfect centerpiece or decoration. Have guests try to find words or create their own pumpkin with stickers and chalk!
You can see the post with easy tips on how to create this project over at my blog, Thistlewood Farms.
Time: 30 Minutes Cost: $10.00 Difficulty: Easy
  • word find chalkboard pumpkin, chalkboard paint, crafts, seasonal holiday decor, Make your own chalkboard paint pumpkin Add stickers and chalk for a fun fall decoration

To see more: http://www.thistlewoodfarms.com/chalkboard-word-find-pumpkin

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  • Waysouth
    Waysouth Australia

    hehe! Got to say, it amazes me, the things you Americans think up to do with pumpkin.
    We're a bit boring down here, we just eat 'em!

  • Miriam I
    Miriam I New York, NY

    This is so adorable, Kari!

  • Alexandra Arena
    Alexandra Arena Forest Hills, NY


  • Jessica C
    Jessica C Stoughton, WI

    Love, Love, Love! Sharing on FB!

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