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Holiday Fabric Covered Felt Flower Wreath

The leaves and temps are falling. I don't know about you but there's something about this time of year that makes me want to craft. If you are looking for something to decorate your mantel or your front door for the holidays, I've got a perfect project for you. The best thing about this project is you can tailor the fabric and colors to match your personal style!
A little about me: I am a believer, a wife and a mom of two awesome kiddos. I work in the corporate world but was craving a creative outlet. I've dabbled in interior design as well as designing modern dollhouses but I found I was most at peace and in the zone when creating felt flowers so I opened up a little shop called Heartfelt Blooms. I'm a perfectionist at heart and it's reflected in my work.
If you'd like to stay up to date on my work, you can follow me on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/heartfeltblooms or Facebook https://www.facebook.com/HeartfeltBloomsShop

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Gather all of your supplies. Most of these items can be picked up at your local craft store. I typically buy my felt online because I favor wool felt or wool blend felt vs the acrylic felt you find at most stores. You'll need a wreath form (I chose a 16" form because I think the scale works better), a yard of fabric, scissors, a glue gun, felt and felt balls.
I chose a buffalo check plaid fabric that is very popular right now. I typically cut the fabric about 3-4 inches wide. If you cut it any wider there's a chance that the fabric will pucker as you wrap it around the wreath form.
After I've cut out my fabric, I start wrapping it around the wreath form. Make sure you glue down the ends and periodically as you continue wrapping so the fabric doesn't slip.
It's time for felt flower cutting now! There are different ways to make flowers. I'm going to show you how to make a rolled flower as well as how to make cut flowers. Let's start with the rolled flower. Cut a piece of 5-6" felt in a square. Next, you'll want to cut scallops starting from the edge until you get to the center of the flower.
After you've cut the scallopped spiral, find the end where the scallops start and cut off the straight end.
Choose a piece of felt to represent your flower's center. I chose an ivory piece of felt for this example. Cut the felt piece about 9-12" in length and about 1.5'-2" wide.
Fold the strip in half width wise and glue the ends together. After you've glued the entire strip, begin cutting small slits into the non-glued edge. You can make them as wide or narrow as you'd like.
Roll the center felt piece and glue the end to keep it in place. Now you have a flower center!!! Here's where the magic happens. . .begin rolling the scalloped spiral around the center gluing along the way to keep it in place.
Ta-da! A rolled felt flower!
You can also cut the felt into shapes and glue them to either rolled centers or felt balls. I like to make the cut flowers an inch to a little over an inch tall. Cut about 6-12 flower petals depending on how full you'd like the flower to look.
Glue the felt petals around the rolled center and stop when you've achieved your desired fullness.
As you can see here, you can also use a felt ball as your center.

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Once you have all your flowers cut out and glued, cut a couple of leaves out of green felt and begin gluing your flowers and leaves to your wreath form. This is the part where you can let your creativity run wild. Hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Happy Crafting Season!

Materials I used for this project:

  • Wreath Form   (Any craft store)
  • Fabric   (Any craft or fabric store)
  • Felt   (Acrylic felt can be found at any craft store. Wool felt can be found online.)
See all materials

To see more: https://www.etsy.com/listing/486255895/16-felt-flower-plaid-wreaths?ref=shop_home_active_4

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