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Saved to Idea Box. Organize

Decorative Designer Decor

Saved to Idea Box. Organize
Designer Christmas decor? Yes! Rustic Vintage wedding? Yes!
I'm going to admit I have a couple addictions, shoes, and DIY. So whenI get creative things like Decorative Designer Decor coming into being...
  • decorative designer decor, home decor
Some of you may have noticed, but if you haven’t, I’m going to admit that I have a couple of addictions…shoes and DIY. I shouldn’t go into places like Hobby Lobby, DSW or Kohls with a wallet. The temptation is too great–at least that’s what my hubby says, but who listens to your hubby anyway? Okay, sometimes I do, but when falls rolls around and I get the even bigger itch to start creating, it’s a lost cause–or I am. lol
So keeping in tune with feeding my addiction, I walked through Hobby Lobby, and inspiration struck yet again. You see, not only are the holidays approaching, but also my oldest recently became engaged. Why does this matter? Because I was told, I could help on the decor side of things. *happy dance* My new daughter-in-law to be, doesn’t realize yet what’s coming her way, but I’m sure by the time the holidays get closer she’ll figure it out. *snicker*
And here’s where the inspiration hit–a dual purpose piece of decor that can be used during the holiday season, and also for a Rustic Vintage Wedding.
  • decorative designer decor, home decor
I started with your basic styrofoam balls in various sizes, because who doesn’t like to mix things up a little? I prefer to use the rule of three, or anything odd because it just seems to work together better.
  • decorative designer decor, home decor
Next up was 12×12 sized paper that came together in a large pad with various designs, along with some decorate 6×6 pads that I chose because I wanted to mix it up a little.
  • decorative designer decor, home decor
  • decorative designer decor, home decor
I already had my handy dandy flower paper punch and found that cutting the 12×12 paper down to strips of 1.5 inches worked well with my punch to get the most flowers out of it without too much trouble or waste. But yes, there will be waste on the paper, you can’t get around it or at least I didn’t because my time is more valuable than paper.
  • decorative designer decor, home decor
  • decorative designer decor, home decor
It also lined up perfectly with my punch so I could move through the stacks quickly.
  • decorative designer decor, home decor
I gathered up petite pearl topped pins, which I purchased from Hobby Lobby as well, and placed two cut flower pieces together to form a 3D flower. I poked the pin through the center and bent the flower forms forward to give them a more realistic appearance along with turning the flowers slightly, so it appeared full.
  • decorative designer decor, home decor
And yes I poked myself a few times while doing this, but in my defense, I was watching TV at the time and wasn’t looking down. I’m calling it multitasking; the hubby calls it something else, but we won’t go there because no one wants a hubby’s head to get too big because they were right.
It was easier to load up a few pins first then start pressing them into the styrofoam balls. And yes again I get it in the picture above these aren’t petite pins, that’s because I was using a 6-inch ball and I could get away with some longer ones.
  • decorative designer decor, home decor
I also found that it worked best to keep it more uninformed, so I didn’t waste too many overlapping flowers by creating a circle around the ball first. I then created a second circle breaking it up into fourths.
  • decorative designer decor, home decor
Adding in the pinned flowers from there went pretty quick as I just visually spaced them with some overlapping pieces. I purposely purchased white styrofoams balls so it’d be less noticeable if there were any gaps.
This part of the process is a bit tedious, but like I said earlier, I was multitasking, so for me, it was a mindless task that I didn’t mind doing.
  • decorative designer decor, home decor
And the end result? Well, you tell me what you think, but we all know I wouldn’t be sharing this post if it didn’t turn out beautifully. Now I’ve got some Christmas decor as well as Rustic Vintage Wedding Centerpieces.
  • decorative designer decor, home decor
  • decorative designer decor, home decor
I'm likimg the strip of blue ribbon, what about you?
  • decorative designer decor, home decor
Yup, from nothing to something. Enjoy this little piece of heaven like I did. And watch for my Christmas DIY posts and I’ll show you how you can turn them into ornaments as well. Check out my blog post for more pics.

Materials I used for this project:

  • Styrofoam balls (various sizes)   (Hobby Lobby)
  • Petite Pins   (Hobby Lobby)
  • Crafting paper (12x12)   (Hobby Lobby)
See all materials

To see more: http://www.lisasscribbles.com/decorative-designer-decor/

Got a question about this project?

  • Lynn
    Lynn Tucson, AZ

    I like the ribbon idea - organza might look more elegant? Rustic with tan/beige paper and burlap trim? Wow - you hit on an 'endless' possibilities list. Butterflies instead of flowers. Ladybugs. Oh my!

    • Author Lisa L Wiedmeier

      Great ideas! Some of the newer ones I'd be doing with tan/beige ribbon or burlap trim as I found out the wedding colors changed. lol There are so many ways you can create a custom design that fits your needs. :)

  • Miriam cobb
    Miriam cobb Orlando, FL

    lovely this is a great idea that I will use for my home craft and quilting business. I have a holiday party coming up at home and I will use this idea with the red, green. black and white colors.

  • Linda Jean Pipe

    Make smaller ones & put them in a large glass vase or bowl to display

  • Cheryl Kuznicki-Manzo

    We made things like this when we were kids (69 now). Tiny red and green ribbons pinned into the Styrofoam balls. Used a piece of same ribbon to make a hanger. Hang a few every single year!!!!

  • Dominique M
    Dominique M Lilburn, GA

    So cute!! I see this project in my future!!

  • Teresa Dillon
    Teresa Dillon Durand, MI

    For the past few Christmases I have cut apart my Christmas cards and saved the front of the card. Thinking that some day I would find a project to use them. I think have found it.

  • Wanda Benefield Rieger

    Would love to see how you made your daughters wedding shoes!!👠👠👠

  • Lynne
    Lynne Detroit, MI

    these are so lovely.!! i will try these. thanks for great directions

  • Loretta
    Loretta Dexter, ME


  • Lauralakeside

    Very fun and so HOLIDAY!! We'll be making them.

  • Christine De Felice Dwyer

    Love it! Even the grandkids can help!

  • Giorgia
    Giorgia Brazil

    I loved it

  • Lori Jones

    Love, love, love these!

  • Therese Trudeau

    Wish I had the time!

    • Paula Strong
      Paula Strong Princeton Junction, NJ

      If you watch any TV, you can do this in the background.

  • Christine Zelesnikar
    Christine Zelesnikar Johnson City, NY

    I made these for my daughter -in -laws and granddaughter as Christmas ornaments! SO simple and elegant.... and easy to make!

  • Lisa House
    Lisa House Vickery, OH

    Gorgeous! Why am I sitting here putting toothpicks in a styrofoam ball when I could be doing this?! Thx for sharing!

  • Christine Zelesnikar
    Christine Zelesnikar Johnson City, NY

    You will have time!!! I made mine while watching T.V.

  • Pam Dafoe

    I think I would use Christmas Cards from past years, (I always save my old ones that I receive).

  • Sherry Poore
    Sherry Poore Oceanside, CA

    I did one of these in 1968 or 69. How things circle back around. lol

  • Suzanne
    Suzanne Holly Springs, NC

    Love this idea - so versatile ! Headed to the craft store now !