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How to Compost Your Old Toilet Rolls

Every great compost requires both green & brown materials. Did you know you can re-use your old toilet rolls and add them into your composting system? Here is a run down on how to make a great compost and how to use toilet rolls & other cardboard as great free composting ingredients. http://littlemountainhaven.blogspot.ca/2013/03/compost-your-old-toilet-rolls.html
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    • Liliana Wells
      Liliana Wells Jackson, GA

      @Jody H Thanks for posting the link. It helps a lot.

  • Amy Ogden-Paparone
    Amy Ogden-Paparone Pottstown, PA

    They make great fire starters too! Just stuff the roll with dryer lint, wrap in newspaper and store in a ziploc bag to keep them dry. :D Great for camping.

  • Dee
    Dee Independence, IA

    A J I have done that to start my woodstove works great. Hubby thinks im nuts.

    • Dorothy Ricci
      Dorothy Ricci Carlsbad, CA

      @Dee I've been doing this for over 40 years... thought everyone did.

  • Ag Castor
    Ag Castor Pocasset, MA

    We use cardboard egg cartons, saved in the kindling bin all year for woodstove season. They stack very compactly. For camping I fill the cups with sawdust or small wood chips, and then break them apart. Will start composting the TP rolls, though!

  • Sandra Chubb

    I use mine for sowing runner bean seeds. Place them upright in a seed tray so they are packed in and not going to fall over. Trickle compost into the roll and then drop in the bean seed before adding more compost and then water well. The roots

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