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  • Looking forward to trying my hand at this!
  • or a small bit of white just around the edges for a snowy effect.
  • Holly Decker Hillsdale, MI
    I will have to try this one. maybe with the grand daughters
  • I have green spoons already so I think I'll use them.
  • Look a LOT nicer than they sound!
  • LIZ Chula Vista, CA
    This looks very nice
  • Kelly Cook Barnes Louisville, KY
    You could spray paint the spoons green and then use different colored beads, ribbon etc... to decorate it!
  • Pat Fenton, MI
    I bought mine at Michaels......not many in stock.
  • Betty W Shelbyville, KY
    Great idea
  • Helen Pilecki Lansdale, PA
    I'm off today to fight the mobs to get the supplies for this tree. I'm been wanting to do this for a while. It is outstanding. I'm new to crafts so it should be interesting.
  • Pat Fenton, MI
    You will have fun with the spoon project.
  • Sue Walker Gainesville, GA
    Fun looking project that looks great!
  • What a gr8t Idea.
  • Jessie Hanford, CA
    after seeing this post I went shopping, I made a set of three trees had them finished and enjoyed them for an hour before they walked out the door with my daughter, I made another set of three for myself and guess what they left my home too. They are so
  • Sheri Stephens Knoxville, TN
    I did this project this year and it turned out really cute, and was so easy! I did mine in solid white with glitter and they looked very elegant!