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Plastic Spoon Christmas Trees

Christmas is my favorite season and this is by far my favorite Christmas craft - Plastic Spoon Christmas trees. It takes only about 30 minutes to make and costs under $10, maybe less if you have spoons and paint left over from other projects! I bought a ton of plastic spoons from The Dollar Store and a paper mach tree cone from my local craft store. That, along with a hefty dose of hot glue, and a little spray paint, spoons have been transformed into a whimsical christmas display! For full tutorial, more pictures, and lots more DIY christmas tree ideas, visit the original post at http://www.oneprojectcloser.com/plastic-spoo...
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Difficulty: Easy
Plastic Spoon Trees are a unique and pretty way to decorate on the cheap for the holidays!
First, I cut off the heads of about 100 plastic spoons.
Then, I spray painted the backs and fronts with brown, black, and gold for texture.
Finally, I hot glued them onto a paper mache tree form, starting at the bottom and working my way upward.

To see more: http://www.oneprojectcloser.com/plastic-spoon-christmas-tree/

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  • Virginia Conners
    Virginia Conners La Fontaine, IN
    What a great idea,going have to try this ....
  • Patricia Wood
    Green spoon w/ small red ball.
  • Tara Welch Allen
    Tara Welch Allen Gulf Shores, AL
    Did you paint the sound black first, then, brown, then gold?
  • Carol Hare
    Carol Hare East Falmouth, MA
    They look like seashells.
  • Mary
    Mary Austin, TX
    really cute, what did you use for the tree topper?
  • Linda Berry Filipowicz
    Beautiful tree! Is there a book of patterns and/or of ideas? Looking for directions on making an angel using plasticware.
  • Michael N
    I got my spoons from wendys and Mcdonalds free
  • Sheryl Bentley
    Sheryl Bentley Lake Butler, FL
    Good idea !!
  • Debra Anderson
    Debra Anderson Sand Springs, OK
    That's a really cute tree!!
  • Susan Mcfaddenganey
    Great idea
  • Rebeccaibb
    Rebeccaibb Portsmouth, RI
    What a great idea. Thanks for sharing. I'm getting the supplies today.
  • Jmauermeyer
    Jmauermeyer Barnegat, NJ
    This is too cute. Thanks for your sharing!!
  • Pat
    Pat Fenton, MI
    I also made a tree out of small,soft teddy bears I had for many years..red, white,light brown. The tree is really cute with a little silver ball on top.
  • Mary
    Mary Columbus, OH
  • Ida Granny
    Ida Granny Lima, OH
    Love it, I've been saving spoons for awhile to make a rose, But Christmas trees for my grandkids can be fun.
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