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Fairy Light Headboard Alternative

Nowadays there are so many different ways to brighten up a room, both literally and figuratively. In my opinion, you can never go wrong with lights in general and for this project, I feel like it made the whole feel of the room so much cozier and welcoming. My good friend Jen let me take over her younger daughter's nursery/room (she's 18 months) to do this easy headboard alternative project and I'm so happy with how it turned out!
Time: 1 Hours Cost: $58 Difficulty: Easy
  • fairy light headboard alternative
Little Leah didn't have much going on in her room aside from a few personalized items from when she was born along with her crib and glider.
  • fairy light headboard alternative
-curtain rod
-strands of lights (I bought mine off of Amazon)
- twin size flat white sheet
-C batteries
-drill with screw bit
  • fairy light headboard alternative
STEP 1: Mark wall
First, I used a level and my curtain rod to make my marks where the curtain rod would hang. You don't HAVE to use a level--if you're good at eyeballing things, have at it--but I can't even tell you how many times I've thought something was straight just by looking at it, then I stood back and shook my head at myself because it was crooked as a shepherd's hook (haha--ok maybe not THAT bad but you get my drift).
  • fairy light headboard alternative
STEP 2: Install hardware and attache rod
The curtain rod I purchased from Walmart (hellloooo it was only 94¢!!! my kind of shopping!) came with the installation hardware so I screwed the little plate that came in the package to the wall, made sure it was vertically straight, then screwed in the second screw.
  • fairy light headboard alternative
Next, I attached the curtain rod to the hanging plate (I don't know if that's what it's called but that's the name I'm giving it for now).
  • fairy light headboard alternative
STEP 3: Add batteries and hang lights
to lights and hang lightsIt was finally time to add the star of the show for this project! I inserted the batteries in the battery boxes of the lights...
  • fairy light headboard alternative
...then I draped the lights over the curtain rod. I will say that I was getting a little frustrated with this part of the project. I wanted lots of lights, however, I was limited to how many times I could drape the lights over the curtain rod because I wanted them to be in long strands. I had the battery boxes sit on the floor, therefore a good bit of the lights couldn't be seen because they were behind the crib. If I had done this project in my house, I would have installed some sort of floating shelf (or SOMETHING) behind the crib to hold the battery boxes in order to give me more slack.
  • fairy light headboard alternative
STEP 4: Drape sheet over rod
For the final step of this super easy project, I draped the flat sheet over the lights and curtain rod--I had a good food or so on the backside and could have draped it even further if I really wanted to.
  • fairy light headboard alternative
I love how this headboard alternative came out! As soon as I was finished with the project, little Leah went down for a nap and she seemed to love the new addition to her room.

Materials I used for this project:

  • Curtain Rod   (Amazon)
  • Strands of Lights   (Amazon)
  • White sheet   (Walmart)
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  • Cal Car

    untill the child can stand then i would take it down

    • Susan McMahan
      Susan McMahan Irving, TX

      The baby is 18 months, I would assume she is walking by now.

  • Dee
    Dee Easley, SC

    I love this idea. I think soft lights in any room are nice. For all of the people who are expressing so much concern about safety here is a slightly different take on the same idea. Get a canvas artist board any size you want at a craft store.

    • Rob & Courtney M, Hometalk Team
      Rob & Courtney M,... Mastic Beach, NY

      Thanks Dee! Shout out to my fellow South Cak chick!! Florence is my hometown and I have friends in Easley/Anderson/Pelzer/Greenville. Small world! 😉

  • June Garner

    I think I would have used a double rod so the fabric is not laying right on top of the lights.

  • Sheila Rector Gilbert

    It's an amazing idea, however, I wouldn't have it hanging close to the crib for fear the child could get to the lights and possibly get shocked, or worse, hang itself!

  • Pamela Rudolph

    It's a pretty project. Although i don't have a baby (probably would have made a way not accessible to the baby) I put this one in my guest room. It's pretty but like the writer, I am frustrated with the lights and will keep working until they are

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