Cleaning Crayon Off Vinyl Flooring

Cleaning Ideas 01.24.14
I have a love/hate relationship with crayons. On one hand they spark creative genius but on the other hand, they are destruction just waiting to happen.

My darling daughter became Picasso last night and drew all over our kitchen floor.

I have a great way to clean up those stubborn crayon marks.

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  • Marcy
    Marcy Southfield, MI
    I'm amazed at how easily that came off!
  • Home For Now Blog
    Home For Now Blog Houston, TX
    I tried a couple of things before the Dawn and vinegar mixture and it didn't budge! That stuff is a dream!
  • Merry D
    Merry D Fairfield, CA
    That's a great recipe! Another simple trick, we would use a bit of Pledge or clear shoe polish and a piece from a web belt (any tough piece of material will do). It's all about using what you have until you find what works!
  • Joy
    Joy Mount Vernon, OH
    Try Oxy acne medicine. REALLY!! or go to the Dollar General and buy CLEAR ZIT and it will take all the ink off any vinyl item.. But you must leave it on there for a day. I use it to restore dolls all the time that has marks like ink or marker.
  • Thelma Serna
    Thelma Serna Crescent City, CA
    Old, hint is toothpaste.....then as of today's world I might try the magic eraser........How long did it take for the little artist to finish her work? ,.... mom must of been napping.....8)
  • Norma W
    Norma W Warner Robins, GA
    WD40 usually will take off anything.
  • Cathy Cottrell
    Cathy Cottrell Antwerp, OH
    I would have used Mr. Clean eraser--no mixing--gets stains out of carpets, also
  • Shelley S
    Shelley S Toledo, OH
    WD40 will take crayon off of anything. Including the fabric roof of your car. Ha ha. It doesn't stain the fabric either.
    • Susan
      Susan East Syracuse, NY
      Shelley S Yup! WD40 takes scuff marks off vinyl floors easily too!
  • Lynn
    Lynn Sugar Land, TX
    My daughter only allows WASHABLE colors in the house. Seems simple enough. I have no knowledge of how they compare in price. As you can tell, I'm "older." ha
  • Gail lichtsinn
    Gail lichtsinn Cincinnati, OH
    WD-40 will take it right off too
  • RUTH
    RUTH Leander, TX
    WD-40 will also make the floor very slippery, then you have to clean THAT off. The Dawn/Vinegar/water mix WORKS on LOTS of things.
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