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The Best Way to Store Christmas Lights

When it comes time to put away your Christmas lights, I hope you remember this amazing decoration storage idea. My lights always tend to get all tangled, and no matter how nicely I store them, I always find them tangled next year when I open my decor box. Well, not anymore! I found this trick online and thought it was genius! You can organize large amounts of string lights and keep them from tangling just with a hanger. So this year when putting away your lights, do this trick and have an easy time putting up your lights next year.
Time: 2 Minutes Cost: $0 Difficulty: Easy
  • the best way to store christmas lights
I’m sure this scene is familiar to you, my lights tangle literally 2 minutes after I unroll them new from the box. It’s so frustrating, every year we throw away some lights because during the detangling they get disconnected from their plugs in a way that isn’t worth repairing.
Step 1: Gather Your Supplies
  • the best way to store christmas lights
All I used for this project was an old hanger and a big bunch of tangled lights. I was able to fit on each hanger three or four lengths of fairy lights.
Step 2: Wrap Up Your Lights
  • the best way to store christmas lights
I started at the groove in the shoulder of the hanger. I hooked the end of the light through the groove and started wrapping.
  • the best way to store christmas lights
I wrapped two lengths of lights around each side of the hanger. Next year when I take them out I can just carry the hanger with me and unroll the lights right onto my porch. No fuss no mess.
  • the best way to store christmas lights
Look how neat that looks! So much better than the tangle it was before.
  • the best way to store christmas lights
Now my lights won’t tangle with everything in this box.

Materials I used for this project:

  • Tangled lights
  • A hanger
  • Evarga

    I use TP & paper towel tubes or cardboard. I don't have free hangers ...

  • Linda Ruth Cunningham

    Perfect idea for my Christmas closet!

  • Domino Werhert

    And I also put the X-Mas deco i.e. in shoe boxes, put a name on it and take a picture, and then add them in big transparent boxes fm IKEA.....

    • Linda
      Linda Coupeville, WA

      This sounds like a good idea.....especially taking a picture of what is stored inside each box. Do you tape the picture to the side of the box, or the top?

  • Margaret
    Margaret West Barnstable, MA


  • Vi CB
    Vi CB Miami, FL

    I roll the strings into balls. No tangles no hangers or anything else taking up valuable space.

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