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Flea Market Flip, Metal File Box

One of my favorite DIY shows is Flea Market Flip. Contestants compete in groups of 2 to transform flea market items for the most profit. When I'm at the flea market, I too, like to look for things that can be transformed. My flip today is this old metal green file box. Can you see a bar cart?
After much debating I did decide to do a bar cart but I needed a few more supplies than just a file box. This is what I started with…some pallet wood, 1x12 scrap plywood, the metal file box, one, 6 foot 1×2 , one 8 foot 2×2 and 2, 6 foot, 2×2’s. I also used 4, 8 foot 2x4's.
From the 2×2’s, cut four 29″ legs. I used 2×4’s for a butcher block top. If you do not want your top as thick as mine, you may need to make your legs longer.
Since I am working around my file box, all my measurements were made based on the height and width of the box. I cut four 1×2’s (13 1/2″), the width of the box minus the 2 leg widths plus 1/4″. The 1/4″ is just for a little wiggle room.
The scrap plywood was cut (you need 2 of these). For the height, measure the height of the file box plus the width of 2- 2×2’s. For the length, measure the length of the 1×2’s you cut in the last step. If that didn’t make sense, hopefully the picture above will give you a better sense.
Use wood glue and nails (or screws) to attach the 1×2’s to the plywood. Do all your nailing and screwing from the plywood side of the wood to hide the nail/screw holes.
Cut 2 more pieces of the 2×2’s the same length as the 1×2’s. Use either long screws or Kreg jig pocket holes and wood glue to attach all your pieces as shown.
Back to the file box…measure the width of the drawers (add another 1/4″ for wiggle room) and use this measurement to cut 5 more lengths of the 2×2’s.
With more wood glue and either pocket holes or long screws, attach 4 of the 2×2’s as shown – three in the back and one at the top in the front.
I had some scrap bead board I used for backing for a storage cupboard, but feel free to use whatever you have…I’m thinking pallet wood!
With 1×2’s I glued and nailed on a ledge for the file box to sit. Attach the last 2×2 just below the file box. You can see some of the pocket holes in this picture.
I wanted a really thick butcher block top but I didn’t particularly like the cost of premade, so I decided to make my own out of 2×4’s. Using 4, 2x4x8′ cut into 12- 30 inch pieces, I glued and screwed until I had a nice fat butcher block top.
More scrap wood was screwed into the sides at the top of the cart. When I turn the cart over, screws thru these pieces will attach the butcher block to the cart.
Painted the top with with black chalk paint and 2 coats of a finish wax.
For all the finish details and tons more pictures, I hope you get a chance to stop by and see me at the link below. You'll also find links to all the flea market flips that I've done so far from the same day. See you soon.

To see more: http://scavengerchic.com/2016/12/05/metal-file-box-becomes-bar-cart/

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