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Our New Haint Blue Porch Ceiling

I've shown you the new roof which I love by the way. Now it's time for the house painting itself. Today I share with you the porch ceiling that I've wanted for a few years.
  • our new haint blue porch ceiling, wall decor
Both Earls hard at work! Painter Earl Cunningham standing on ladder and Other Earl priming spindles on porch railing.
  • our new haint blue porch ceiling, wall decor
Close up of ceiling dirty before washing or painting.
  • our new haint blue porch ceiling, wall decor
Porch ceiling before painting. It is dirty and dingy. The house itself is especially where the shutters were. It is a wonderful time for a face lift even though a hurricane gave us the reason. We are glad to have it done.
  • our new haint blue porch ceiling, wall decor
Beginning to remove shutters so the ceiling can be painted and the house itself washed. This is getting real! I'm excited!
  • our new haint blue porch ceiling, wall decor
Let the makeover begin!
  • our new haint blue porch ceiling, wall decor
Looks pretty dark here, but the color changes with the lighting.
I've looked at it all times of the day and it is a virtual chameleon.
I love it!
  • our new haint blue porch ceiling, wall decor
The white of the porch and home aren't painted yet in these pictures.
And yet it still shows a crisp, clean look
The ceiling has a little more finishing as well
Isn't it pretty?
  • our new haint blue porch ceiling, wall decor
Last shot of ceiling
More painting of porch railings and house front
The floor has to be stained as well
I will be painting these Cracker Barrel Rockers
They really need it!
It was hard to do picking the right color.
I finally narrowed it down to two and let Chuck pick the one he liked best.
I thought it was a little too blue and darker than I would like.
I also wanted some aqua into the mix.
The sky overhead changes moment to moment here so it really doesn't matter.
I have grown to really like it!
Time was getting away we had to choose.
My girls will be happy with this little bit of color I've added!
Join me over at blog for more pictures and info. Link below
  • our new haint blue porch ceiling, wall decor
Sherwin Williams
SW 9063
Porch Ceiling
(that is the name)
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To see more: http://hibiscushouse1.blogspot.com/2017/01/hibiscus-house-has-haint-blue-porch.html

  • Kathy
    Kathy Maumee, OH

    I did this on my sunroom ceiling, it's perfect! I got the idea from my college roommate, she did it on her sunroom ceiling and then did it on the ceiling of a very dark hallway and painted the walls white, really brightened the hall up and looks

    • Dolly Sarrio
      Dolly Sarrio Timmonsville, SC

      That sounds like it is fun! I like the idea!

  • Mawmawkathy9

    This is really true! It's a tradition that actually started in Louisiana, of all places. But, I have painted my front porch blue and it really works.

    • Dolly Sarrio
      Dolly Sarrio Timmonsville, SC

      Hi MawmawKathy, I love the traditions and guess we in South Carolina claim it started in our low country. Wherever and whatever I love it! I'll bet yours is beautiful. Share your picture here if you wish..This is a link about our culture and the

  • Kccallingu

    I had my porch ceiling painted blue last spring. I never had a spider or wasp set up home this year. My Kansas City friends laughed and questioned my decision. Now they believe when this Southern girl tell 'em. I'm slowly seeing my neighbors

    • Dolly Sarrio
      Dolly Sarrio Timmonsville, SC

      Hi, I am so excited to hear your news of how well the color is working for you! Yes we Southern girls are solid as a rock and love our traditions. Everyday I walk out first thing in the morning and just breath in the fresh air and look at the

  • Juanitasel1

    Absolutely beautiful the blue against the sky , the idea it self is lovely, would love to try it...thanks

  • Pwdunker
    Pwdunker Poplar Bluff, MO

    understand the color blue on the ceiling of a porch deters birds from being a pest

    • Dolly Sarrio
      Dolly Sarrio Timmonsville, SC

      I have loved the birds actually for years but now that it is so clean out there I really hope they nest on the back porch...

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