Easy Recycled Storage for Your Rag Stash

dyi 01.03.16
Don't toss that big box your trash bags came in. Reuse it! It's so simple, but can clean up the area under your sink, or in your utility closet, in a snap.
Time: 15 Minutes Cost: $5 Difficulty: Easy
#DIY #upcycled so simple storage
Look for a wrapping paper that suits you. I like the dollar section at Target and TJMaxx.
You'll need at least one box with a good size opening in it. I had a Costco garbage bag box that worked perfectly. If you don't have a box with an opening, carefully use a craft or utility knife to cut a hole.
Wrap the box like you would any other present. (I got you rags! Happy Birthday!)
Again, using the craft or utility knife, poke a hole through the wrapping paper and carefully cut the paper back until it is able to be folded around the hole opening. Use strong tape the secure it inside the box.
Stencil, use a label maker, paint a chalkboard label or otherwise give yourself a place to clearly mark what goes in the box.
Stuff it with your rag stash and never have a falling-over bag of rags under your sink again.

To see more: http://becausehomeshouldbegreat.blogspot.com/2012/07/but-i-need-cute-place-to-store-my-rags.html

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  • Leida R
    Leida R Tampa, FL
    This might be a cockroach B&B to those of you who have no control in your households as far as these creatures is concern. ANYWAY, Anne Thompson , I do use other little
  • Starlett L
    Starlett L Franklin, NC
    Some people seem to view these wonderful posts just to make negative posts. I doubt seriously there is one house in the world who doesn't have something that a roach would like.
  • Bea F
    Bea F Corpus Christi, TX
  • Teija Nelson
    Teija Nelson Fort Smith, AR
    Well, if we want to not have anything that cockroaches like, we may as well live without a house at all. Everything our houses are made of and contain include cardboards, papers, glues-down to the sheetrock and labels on our cans, and paint on the walls.
  • N J Gross
    N J Gross Sagle, ID
    Clever idea, but for some reason, even with shelves under my sink, I don't have room for this kind of stuff. Guess I must have too much "stuff" already! :D
  • Diane Kennedy
    Diane Kennedy Cary, NC
  • Harlee Jenkins
    Harlee Jenkins Charlotte, NC
    these are the cutest cockroach houses EVER! roaches love to make nests in cardboard and they live on the glue that tacks those boxes closed...tape and I'd suppose they like, too. There are AFFORDABLE wire sliding racks@stores all over the USA that work
  • Gina Arechiga
    Gina Arechiga San Dimas, CA
    I think contact paper is a better use if you are storing under the sink. In case of a water leak o a leakage of any of the cleaning items that are also stored under the sink. As of Jan 1, 2014 we will need to use recycled grocery bags or pay .10 for each
  • Mary C
    Mary C Englewood, OH
    i would like something like this for assorted plastic bags one gets when one goes to the grocery!
  • Laurie Baines
    Laurie Baines Tacoma, WA
    Me too on the contact paper. I also use the flat boxes from Costco. It keeps things from falling over and helps to keep things clean under the sink.
  • Sue Webb
    Sue Webb Syracuse, NY
    love this!
  • Denise A. Maloney
    Denise A. Maloney Palm Springs, CA
    That's a super clever idea....thank you!! The grocery bags comment is the one that I think I'll use this idea for....very clever!
  • Kathe With An E (Kathe)
    I am so doing this! Love it! I have a trash bag box almost empty and once I use the last bag I am recycling the box! I may use the next empty box for grocery store bags to keep them corralled too! Great inspiration :-)
  • Barbara W
    Barbara W Royal Oak, MI
    I keep mine in a kitty litter container but I could cover it with contact paper.
  • Leah Johnson
    I would love to do this,, made magazine holder boxes that way etc, but cant find a garbage box that large.. Biggest quanity I can find here is 36 bag and they are not large enough for anything but that roll of bags they come in... I will have to keep
Anne Thompson