Easy Recycled Storage for Your Rag Stash

Don't toss that big box your trash bags came in. Reuse it! It's so simple, but can clean up the area under your sink, or in your utility closet, in a snap.
Time: 15 Minutes Cost: $5 Difficulty: Easy
so simple storage
Look for a wrapping paper that suits you. I like the dollar section at Target and TJMaxx.
You'll need at least one box with a good size opening in it. I had a Costco garbage bag box that worked perfectly. If you don't have a box with an opening, carefully use a craft or utility knife to cut a hole.
Wrap the box like you would any other present. (I got you rags! Happy Birthday!)
Again, using the craft or utility knife, poke a hole through the wrapping paper and carefully cut the paper back until it is able to be folded around the hole opening. Use strong tape the secure it inside the box.
Stencil, use a label maker, paint a chalkboard label or otherwise give yourself a place to clearly mark what goes in the box.
Stuff it with your rag stash and never have a falling-over bag of rags under your sink again.

To see more: http://becausehomeshouldbegreat.blogspot.com/2012/07/but-i-need-cute-place-to-store-my-rags.html

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  • Anna Ibarra
    Anna Ibarra San Antonio, TX
    I think this is such a cute idea, and I have done this for other reasons, from gift boxes to kids toys. This are a great idea, being prior military, your household is weighed & the less you take w/u the better, so I would chunk them and remade for next
  • Marianne Inman
    Marianne Inman Cleveland, GA
    I use the laundry soap packs, I love the idea of using the jar instead of the bag they come in!! Also am going to search for the right boxes to use for storage of items on my shelves. I also have an abundance of contact paper, LOL. As for the roach
  • HappyNanaSTLMO
    HappyNanaSTLMO Saint Louis, MO
    I am an avid collector and user of many different types of rags in the kitchen as well as the bathroom to help keep things neat and tidy and shiny. I keep my assortment of rags in bins under the sink, but I've been daydreaming for a very long time about
  • Carolyn
    Carolyn Newport Beach, CA
    Spectacular idea....can't wait to have that empty trash bag box! Thanks
  • Borei Design
    Borei Design Rock Hill, SC
    Was just about to cut some old towels into some new cleaning rags and wishing I had a way to keep up with them better & bada bing badda boom! Thanks! :)
Anne Thompson