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Pendant Lighting

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Refurbished candle holders into pendant globes.

  • pendant lighting, lighting

Typical globe replacements run around $20 each.

  • pendant lighting, lighting

I ordered 3 candle holders under $8 each.

  • pendant lighting, lighting

Removed the faux diamonds and flipped it over to cut the new hole for the lights.

  • pendant lighting, lighting

Inserted the old mounting hardware and ready for placement.

  • pendant lighting, lighting


  • pendant lighting, lighting

Material I used for this project:

  • Candle Holders   (Amazon)

Got a question about this project?

    • They are pretty but no, I couldn't because they would have been hanging upside down.
      Bj Moore Bj Moore  Hartsville, SC · answered 4 days ago ·
    • Try putting them on opposed with the hooks for using for fishing lines. You can get different sizes & colors. You can spray paint to match, if you want them back on. They are pretty as is, would give out more sparkle with them on. I wish I have my stuff here in Ohio with me because I just did a light for back hall light. The beads would look good on it. Good luck on your stuff.
    • Get beads that create prisms for added beauty and kids love the rainbows that are made by magic!!
    • They are really Pretty by the way! I'm gonna have to make some Thanks for sharing!! 💜
    • Thank you. I am really satisfied with the clean look without the beads, it sets off the plank walls in the kitchen really well. But great idea with the prism beads Rita.
      Bj Moore Bj Moore  Hartsville, SC · answered 2 days ago ·
  • William
    William Burbank, IL

    The glass shades were....OK! But yours are AMAZING! Very creative! The glass shades would make better candle holders =:)

    • Bj Moore
      Bj Moore Hartsville, SC

      LOL, you are so right :)

  • Nicolette Spargo
    Nicolette Spargo New York, NY

    Wow!! These would look awesome in my apartment, definitely need to try it out!

  • Silvia Martin

    i would have kept the crystals

    • Bj Moore
      Bj Moore Hartsville, SC

      Exactly Sandra, I would have liked to keep the crystals on it also but just wasn't possible with these holders.

  • Beth Teller
    Beth Teller Ruskin, FL


  • Heidi Smith
    Heidi Smith Leander, TX

    I love this!

  • Tpie813

    Very cool

  • Judy Galbraith
    Judy Galbraith Justin, TX

    Would you like to sell it? Love it.

    • Bj Moore
      Bj Moore Hartsville, SC

      That was the hard part. I tried using a hole drill but the metal was just too hard. I drilled a really small hole with a metal bit then used metal Cutters and just chipped away till it was the right size. It was not a pretty sight but it worked.

  • Madison McGahan


  • Nannette Puleo Cosenza

    what is the size of these candle holders?

    • Bj Moore
      Bj Moore Hartsville, SC

      Each one measures: 5.1" x 5.1" x 7.8" and is made of metal and glass

  • Carolynn
    Carolynn Canada


  • Ashley Alsup
    Ashley Alsup Spring Hill, TN

    The mounting would be my concern... like what do I need to keep the light inside the holder?

    • Bj Moore
      Bj Moore Hartsville, SC

      I used the old hardware from the red globes. After you remove the bulb, remove the plastic nut that holds the globe. I got the size of the hole required off of the nut. The white plastic nut is in picture 4.

  • Theora
    Theora Vicksburg, MI

    no crystals for me ! But so loved this !

  • Mseijo709

    Very creative. I love It!

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