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Pier 1 Inspired Easter Eggs DIY


Hi Everyone!
Easter and Spring are just around the corner. And so is Easter. I just love to see all the beautiful flowers and decorated Easter eggs. These Pier 1 eggs inspired this DIY.

  • pier 1 inspired easter eggs diy

I purchased 8 dozen eggs from the Dollar Tree.   

And these Pier 1 Easter eggs inspired this DIY.  They are $8 each.

  • pier 1 inspired easter eggs diy

Here are the supplies I needed:

Plastic eggs

Bling on a roll

Mod Podge


Hot glue gun

  • pier 1 inspired easter eggs diy

  • pier 1 inspired easter eggs diy

There are multiple designs that are so easy to do. 

  • pier 1 inspired easter eggs diy

  • pier 1 inspired easter eggs diy

  • pier 1 inspired easter eggs diy

  • pier 1 inspired easter eggs diy

  • pier 1 inspired easter eggs diy

  • pier 1 inspired easter eggs diy

  • pier 1 inspired easter eggs diy

  • pier 1 inspired easter eggs diy

I have a detailed video that you can enjoy.  

  • pier 1 inspired easter eggs diy

Click this video to see how simple it is t create these beautiful eggs. It's beginning to look a lot like Easter.  

Materials I used for this project:

  • Plastic Easter Eggs   (Dollar Tree)
  • Mod Podge   (Dollar Tree)
  • Bling on a roll & Gems   (Dollar Tree)
See all materials

Got a question about this project?

  • Brenda Ogden

    Those are pretty. Someone could take your ideas and run with them. Be creative. It's so rewarding.

  • Rosemary Belfiore Modica

    They are beautiful..you did a fantastic job on them. I would absolutely make these. Unfortunately the Dollar Tree where I live does not carry the bling on a roll or gems or Mod Podge. I would have to purchase those items at Joanne's and it would be

    • Linda H
      Linda H Canada

      Rosemary, you can make your own homemade "Mod Podge" with white school glue and water. Search online for exact portions.

  • Colimbia1
    Colimbia1 Columbia, MD

    This looks wonderful as well as fun to do. Grown up Easter Eggs. 🐣

  • Eileen S
    Eileen S Chester, MD

    This is a great idea for my granddaughter and I to do together.

    • Barb in Texas
      Barb in Texas Houston, TX

      Use spray paint, or even acrylic paint and a brush. That way you have whatever color you want.

  • Rosemary Belfiore Modica

    Thank you Linda..I was unaware that I could make my own. I will try it.

  • Karen Hedger

    I love this. So beautiful. I have a beautiful bowl on my table that is just calling out for these!

  • Martha Lofton
    Martha Lofton Bogue Chitto, MS

    I will have to make some of these when I get a chance to get some eggs . I got the bling. and the Mod podge .

  • Colgrey

    I have a large collection of Easter Eggs collected through the years. I am always interested in seeing new methods to decorate eggs. I also collect crosses and put those on the tree for Easter too. I have a 5 ft. Christmas tree in the corner of my

    • Jenner
      Jenner Wichita Falls, TX

      that is a great idea we have had to leave our Christmas tree up as a big night light for our 2 girls one is 2 and the other 4 months makes night time feeding and changes easier but now we can make it change with the season thanks for your wonderful

  • Adelena Darling

    This is just beautiful, thank you for the lovely idea! Going to my dollar tree :)

  • Sandra Allen
    Sandra Allen Sutherlin, OR

    I have some I made recently but will have to wait a couple weeks to post. Not sure if I should since I can't get it on before Easter but I might. Eggs are a fun decoration no matter what the season. Kind of like hearts are great no matter when you

  • Colgrey

    Thank you. I store my very good (home crafted eggs) in the clear Egglands egg cartons. The carton flips over twice and snaps into place - safeguarding the eggs I have made. I also have many beautiful crosses in various metals and plastics. If you

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