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Quick Clean Your Window Screens

Who doesn't like to open their windows and breath in the fresh spring air? Get your windows ready for a change in season by cleaning your window screens without taking up too much of your time. No need for a hose, all you need is a bathtub for this one.

  • quick clean your window screens

Step 1: Remove screens from windows. Lay flat on the ground on top of a soft surface (towel or blanket).

  • quick clean your window screens

Step 2: Attach soft-bristol brush to your vacuum nozzle.

  • quick clean your window screens

Step 3: Vacuum your entire screen. I worked left to right and my strokes were from top to bottom, ensuring not to miss a section.

  • quick clean your window screens

Step 4: Fill your tub with a few inches of water. Add a couple of drops of dish soap to create a soapy wash.

  • quick clean your window screens

Step 5: Slather the screen in the soapy mixture and rub it all over the screen with your hand.

I used a circular motion to give it a good wash. My screen did not fit into the tub, so I stood it up and poured the mixture all over it while I did this.

  • quick clean your window screens

Step 6: Drain your water and rinse your screen.

Use clean running water and rinse off all of the soap suds.

  • quick clean your window screens

Step 7: Dry your screen thoroughly with a soft towel.

  • quick clean your window screens

You'll most likely pick-up all of the dust, dirt and grime at this stage. YUCK!

  • quick clean your window screens

Step 8: Replace your window screen.

  • quick clean your window screens

Enjoy a much cleaner view and say hello to fresh spring air! While the screen is off, why not give your windows a good clean too?

Materials I used for this project:

  • Vacuum   (Dyson (on-hand))
  • Water   (on-hand)
  • Dish soap   (on-hand)
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  • Cpocali

    put a large towel in the bottom of the tub, so it doesn't get scratched.

  • Mary Rolek-Combs
    Mary Rolek-Combs Port Charlotte, FL

    I use a soft scrub brush to the screen and the shower head to rinse. works well

  • Sandpiper@access comments. ca

    I read about using dryer sheets to clean the screens...then I heard about them containing toxins....however.....cover your face and see if it works.....

  • L
    L Sarasota, FL

    Thanks for the Tips on cleaning screens.
    I live in the NorthEast and have snap in screens.
    I remove, take to bathroom, place in tub standing against the wall (tiled) and the bottom of tub. You can use a towel at bottom if you need it.
    Spray with the

  • Sharon Kettner
    Sharon Kettner Charleston, WV

    I recently purchased a home Steamer. I cleaned all of my screens in no time. You don't even have to take them out of the windows! If you have a Steamer, it is the best and quickest way to clean a lot of things in your home.

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