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Spring Ribbon Wreath

I wanted to bring some simple inexpensive spring decor into my daughter's room. This ribbon wreath was super simple to make and didn't cost much at all thanks to some coupons and reusing an old wreath form!

I wrapped the ribbon around my foam wreath to determine the proper length. And then I cut all the ribbon to this size.

I chose blues and greens but ANY color will work... even fabric scraps could be pretty.

One at a time, I glued each ribbon around the wreath securing with a hot glue gun.

To add a little fun, I wanted to make some ribbon tassels. I folded three ribbons in half...

Then I wrapped the top with a piece of string. I glued these onto the wreath.

Don't they look fun hanging there along the bottom edge?

This is hanging on the sunburst mirror I made for $2 from dollar store supplies. See tutorial for that here!

This couldn't have been much easier to make and the only supplies needed are a cheap foam wreath form and some ribbon!

Materials I used for this project:

  • Ribbon
  • Foam wreath form
  • Hot glue gun

To see more: https://atcharlotteshouse.com/spring-ribbon-wreath/

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